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printable handwriting sheets

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advocateofthedevil Fri 04-Mar-05 17:47:38

I've just found a great resource of printable handwriting sheets here

BubblesDeVere Fri 04-Mar-05 17:51:56

wow, what a great site, my printer will be working overtime.

purpleturtle Fri 04-Mar-05 18:14:28

I've added it to my favourites. Thanks, advocateofthedevil!

Snugs Fri 04-Mar-05 18:15:49

Brilliant - thanks so much for this

vkr Fri 04-Mar-05 18:25:51

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

whymummy Fri 04-Mar-05 18:27:26

great,thank you dd(4) is going to absolutely love it

gingerbear Fri 04-Mar-05 18:41:24

thank you!!

yoyo Fri 04-Mar-05 19:05:23

This is the style of cursive writing that I was taught which is unfortunately not how my daughters have been/will be taught. It is very good for schools that use this more elaborate style though.

Hulababy Fri 04-Mar-05 21:12:21


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