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cherryapple Sun 28-Sep-08 07:57:19

Hi my lo is 2.5 and we have been accepted by an IB school and Grimsdell nursery Millhill . My oh is impressed by the IB but we are concerned that if our child isnt academically able she may find it difficult. On the other hand The Mill hill foundation is a great school and has very good resources.We can financially afford it but our other concern is that we dont live in a big house with a Mercedes outside.We are concerned about our lo being picked on for not having the same backround as some of the other children.I feel that giving her a good education is more important than a big house etc.We only have one child and are feeling confused about which school to send her to and how it will effect her as she gets older. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

narnia2 Wed 01-Oct-08 10:42:11

Hi Cherryapple - my children have been at Grimsdell and I can't praise it enough - very nurturing, excellent pastoral care and academically suits all levels. Families are from all backgrounds/nationalities and parents generally friendly - so don't worry about being the odd one out at the school gate!

cherryapple Wed 01-Oct-08 13:19:55

Hi narnia,thankyou so much for your words of reassurance I feel so much better.We have just handed our acceptance letter back today.Are your children still at the school?

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