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How many reading books per week?

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annh Thu 24-Feb-05 17:20:22

Ds1 who is in year 2 is a very happy, confident reader who is currently on level 9 of ORT. He independently reads lots of library books etc which are beyond this level but because we lived abroad and he started reading only in Yr 1 I am happy for him to work his way through the reading scheme in a logical fashion as I'm sure it's giving a good grounding and introducing concepts in an organised fashion. However, recently he seems to be getting far more books from school and we no longer really have time to "enjoy" them or discuss. This week, e.g., he had two books (32 pages each) on Monday night which we read, Tues he had two more (fact this time so only 24 pages each). One was about using computers and talked about designing a poster so we wanted to use the computer to do out own poster but there was no time so I said we could do one at the weekend without the book. Wed he had only one book which was about making a robot and of course, he wanted to make a robot so we started but again it will have to be finished at the weekend. I haven't yet seen if he has any books for today but probably yes. It seems like we are just pushing through the books to get to the end of them and with spellings as well, plus other stuff - like the speech he needs to learn for class assembly next week - it's all getting a bit much for a 6 year old, not 7 till June. Am going to mention it at parents evening next week but wondered if everyone else's Year 2s are getting the same amount? Aam I over-reacting?

Cod Thu 24-Feb-05 17:21:06

Message withdrawn

Cod Thu 24-Feb-05 17:21:15

Message withdrawn

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Thu 24-Feb-05 17:28:48

When I felt that my DD2 was getting too much homework, which includes reading books, I spoke to the teacher who told me that it was what all the children had. When I then said that I felt it was too much as I wanted her to enjoy her homework the teacher agreed that she should do as much as was comfortable and all would be okay. Having had one go through the school and a second one almost through I really don't see the point in a mountain of homework. Maybe I'm just the class rebel, but to be honest home time should be a time of rest etc. I don't mind homework, but refuse to be over run by it. Believe me they do enough in senior school, so I'm not having them think of it as the bane of their lives in primary school. Sorry any teachers out there, but it's more important to me to foster a love of learning.

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