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BadKitten Thu 13-Sep-07 14:22:49

dd has asked to take up the violin (lucky us!). Her new school offer very discounted lessons so we've said yes. A friend works in the music business but doesn't know anything about violins. She has however managed to get us a very good deal on an Ashton violin which I understand is fine for beginner lessons.

So I have in front of me a new 1/2 size violin with bow, rosin, rest and case. I know nothing about it though!! I know I need some spare strings - is there anywhere good online? I looked at some and there is a bewildering choice! What kind are a good sort?

Also what do we do with it now? - I'm sure dd (and I) would like a little play with it before next weeks lesson but I'm scared of breaking it. I've only ever played the recorder!


Elasticwoman Thu 13-Sep-07 16:07:12

I wouldn't play on it before the lesson, if I were you. The teacher will show dd how to stand and how to hold the violin properly.

Any good music shop, and there is usually one in most town centres, will have violin strings. You might be better going to a shop personally rather than buying online at first, so that you can chat to the sales staff who will know more about the instrument. There are specialist stringed instrument shops, it depends where you live.
I would google violin and your local town/city.

BadKitten Thu 13-Sep-07 16:50:39

Thanks sadly there isn't one in our town but there is one not too far away. I've managed to placate dd by just letting her admire it rather than play it and then choose a nice music folder online. She is very pleased!

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