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Needing advice for university

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MommaBee97 Sun 11-Feb-18 22:33:28

So I'm young momma (aged 21) expecting my second baby, my eldest is 4. For the past year I've been saying I want to get out of my part time retail job and start studying for a career, I've always wanted to work within the A&E nursing department. During school I achieved high grades A and B grades, so I figured why not put them to good use! I've been looking at a foundation degree which lasts for 4 years (full time) and because me and my partner aren't living together just yet I had a look at what student loan I could get. £6,165 for my course and over £8000 for living costs! That's not including tax credits, is this right?! I feel like it's far too much! Can somebody give me advice, about university full stop. How many days you attend a week full time?

BackforGood Sun 11-Feb-18 23:51:57

Totally depends on the course, but Nursing is pretty full on. The periods when you are on placement, more so.

catslife Sun 18-Feb-18 17:52:35

Is the £6,165 the tuition fee element? That part of the loan goes directly to the uni to pay for the tuition fees rather than to you.
I don't think full time students get tax credits, you have to be working at least part-time which is difficult to do with nursing as it's a fairly full timetable.

FabulouslyGlamorousFerret Sun 18-Feb-18 17:59:42

Is the new Nursing Associate role? .. I'm an old bugger, is that not just a throwback to the 'enrolled' nurse days?

McDougal Sun 18-Feb-18 18:04:35

I get tax credits and I'm a student (not nursing) but I have a few friends who are nurses.

Bear in mind that nursing is very full on so you'll need bulletproof childcare but you can get help with up to 85% of the costs from student finance.

I suppose it does seem generous but I went from working full time to full time education so it seemed like a massive drop for me!

ABitOTT Mon 19-Feb-18 00:30:14

There are nursing apprenticeships available nowadays. They take four years to complete but you are paid (I believe) £140 approx a week. You wouldn't be entitled to a student loan but your tuition is paid for under the scheme. The first year's study means a two days a week commitment so there's still an opportunity to work as well, After that it would be a huge challenge to juggle study, work placements & employment.

My DD has a friend who is in her first year as a mature student. (Practically ancient at 22!) The apprenticeship has worked out cheaper for her plus shes studying at her first choice university.

Google nursing apprenticeships & see if this is a better option for you? I wish you the very best as we are in dire need of nurses.

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