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I think hubby is telling me a porkie : ))

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soggysummeragain Wed 20-Sep-17 21:40:02

So I couldn't help ds with his piechart tonight - managed to work out the degrees but couldn't remember how to use a protractor (the shame).

Dh tells son there are many ways to work out a piechart and what's the context. He won't help ds and said a protractor is unnecessary. He claims to have a B at GCSE....I'm not convinced.

Is there really another way to complete a pie chart or is there a sense of pride being bashed a bit?

soggysummeragain Wed 20-Sep-17 21:41:58

Ds has just told me dh spent an hour showing him how to do percentages to work out his piechart - is it possible to do it this way?

CaptWentworth Wed 20-Sep-17 21:42:48

What are the values for the pie chart?

Changerofname987654321 Wed 20-Sep-17 21:43:34

There are loads of videos/advice on the internet on how to use a protractor.

I call BS one anyone who says there is a special method but I am not going to tell you.

Why did your DH not help with the homework?

soggysummeragain Wed 20-Sep-17 21:44:59

Hi CapWentworth - the values are 9, 13, 2 and 6 so I worked the degrees out to be 108, 156, 29, 72. I just can't remember how to use the protector....dh says we shouldn't be using a protractor but working out percentages....

soggysummeragain Wed 20-Sep-17 21:46:54

He did Changerofname - he showed him how to work out the percentages for each value...even though he already knew that...and said it didn't need to be accurately drawn.

QuackDuckQuack Wed 20-Sep-17 21:54:25

You're right about the degrees (though you've got a typo for 24). Unless the teacher has said that estimates are ok and he doesn't need to use a protractor then I'd expect him to use a protractor. It works a bit like a ruler, but going round and I'd expect him to have used a protractor in class. Working out the degrees strikes me as the hard bit of the question.

noblegiraffe Wed 20-Sep-17 21:57:07

I had a bunch of Y7s work out percentages instead of degrees for a pie chart in a test last year and I've no idea why, it wasn't anything I've taught them. They all got it wrong, so it's clearly not a great method!

I think you can get 360 degree protractors with percentages marked on so perhaps they've been using these, but they're not allowed in GCSE exams so it's not a habit to encourage.

Your method is correct (should be 24 not 29 degrees), pie charts need to be accurate and your DS should be using a protractor (draw a line from the centre to the edge, then measure the first angle from that at the centre and work your way around).

soggysummeragain Wed 20-Sep-17 22:32:37

Thank you so much for the feedback - I'll have another go and let dh get away with it ; ))

soggysummeragain Wed 20-Sep-17 22:33:27

And thanks for the typo - it's ds's handwriting - another topic we need to discuss for his maths.

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