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schools in Pewley area of Guildford

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GabrielleRS Wed 11-Jan-17 11:37:50

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me. We have been looking to move to Guildford for a couple of years. We would like to move to the area of Pewley Hill / Way. I have looked at Holy Trinity Primary school and loved it. I'm a bit anxious about secondary schools. I have looked at Guildford County and really liked it there too. I have heard and seen on Right Move that some of the Pewley area is no catchment for either GC or George Abbott school. Is this true? Where do these children go to school ? I know Guildford schools are oversubscribed etc etc but we are set on this area and have been looking here for a long time. I have 3 children, the oldest 2 are a boy and a girl (18 months apart) and ideally they would go to school together. Any advice thank you?

sweetfluffybunnies Wed 11-Jan-17 12:01:42

Hi Gabrielle
The thing is, Pewley is on the other side of town from both GC and GA. Having said that, Surrey CC does not operate a fixed catchment for these schools, so your children may get in, depending on how many people apply in that year and where they live.

There are other schools in Guildford. St Peters is a very good Catholic comprehensive, although if you are not Catholic your chances of getting in are slim. Christs College and Kings College are the other state schools in the area, not as highly regarded as GC and GA but I think still good. Kings College operates in partnership with GA, not sure how this is working out as my children have now left GA.

If you can afford it there are some really good independent schools in and around Guildford, several in close proximity to the Pewley area.

I would also advise keeping an open mind regarding primary schools. Holy Trinity has a good reputation but there are other schools just as good, which might enable you to live closer to your preferred secondary school to enhance your chance of getting in. I am thinking of Boxgrove, St Thomas', Burpham, Guildford Grove.

Good luck with your move, Guildford is a great place to live and raise children!

GabrielleRS Wed 11-Jan-17 12:23:25

Hi thank you very much for your reply that is very helpful and it seems to be in line with others views I have heard. perhaps my area of choice needs to be slightly wider . Thanks for your advice .

GU24Mum Wed 11-Jan-17 17:09:51

I've got friends who live around there. I think you'd be unlucky not to be offered either GA or County (assuming they are the top two) but if you fall between you're likely to be offered King's which tbh is not considered a great option. But, even if you do, you're likely to be high up on the waiting list and get in to one of them.

mummytime Wed 11-Jan-17 21:51:32

The other option (which I would be seriously considering if my DC weren't at secondary school already) is seeing if I'd qualify for Christ's College.
There will also need to be extra places created in Guildford soon, as the Secondaries become full. I think both County and St Peter's are expanding, and the new UTC might well make more room by taking some students at 14.

user1483732237 Sun 05-Nov-17 12:26:26

No UTC - government has pulled the plug on this as it winds down the UTC programme. Gigantic, expensive flop.

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