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How do you know how well an IB student is doing?

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scottswede Sun 08-Jan-17 09:20:51

Just had dd's report in and her 'level' of achievement has gone down.
Her teacher seems unconcerned as there is a new grading system and the terminology is possibly different.
As with IB there are no tests, no text books, no physical evidence on whether the child is learning anything or not. Just the teachers opinion.
How do you know that you child is being educated properly is my question really when there is no 'physical' proof.

Noitsnotteatimeyet Sun 08-Jan-17 10:17:51

Which qualification is your dd studying? Ds1 did the IB and we had a lot of feedback - they had internal tests plus some subjects had substantial amounts of coursework. There were also textbooks (large, heavy ones hmm) for most subjects (set texts for English). They had mocks in the summer term of Y12 and again just before Christmas in Y13. Have you had a parents' evening yet?

Atomium Sun 08-Jan-17 10:31:46

If there are no tests I think you must mean the PYP or MYP rather than the diploma? I've no personal experience OP, but you might want to ask this on the living overseas forum to get more experience.

scottswede Sun 08-Jan-17 10:36:39

It's still PYP , I know things become a lot more structured and coursework orientated in MYP and DP.
Yes we have had a few parents evening. We have been at the school a few years now. this is the first report I have questioned though as she has always been on an upward direction until now. According to her homeroom teacher she is doing well.... So why the drop in grade?

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