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academy chain looking for new sponsor!

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3asAbird Sat 12-Nov-16 09:22:10

Anyone's school had this situation
Where their own academy trust runs into trouble and seeks to hand over to another academy.

This is what's happening at 1 of my local schools not great timing 12 days after secondary admissions deadline.

I knew they were in debt I just dident expect this option be put on the table so soon.

It's had another bad ofsted last week
The 2nd head in a year has left.

If leadership is weak Is a new chain taking it over a good thing?
It still achieved good results at gcses.
Have many freinds who's kids go there and many freinds who applied.

Does make you think as it's the 2nd academy chain in the city that's had to change hands.

I don't understand why 3rd trust is a mystery.

They aiming have result by Christmas.
New temporary head in place jan
New academy by next academic year.

This chain runs 2 senior schools and a primary school .

prh47bridge Sat 12-Nov-16 13:04:10

If leadership is weak it is usually necessary to replace some or all of the leadership team. The level of debts this trust has run up suggests it needs new trustees. In that situation I am not surprised they are looking to transfer academies to another federation. That is likely to be a good thing. The school may be achieving good results currently but if it is getting bad Ofsted reports, is heavily in debt and cannot retain head teachers it may struggle to keep its current level of performance.

It is often the case in this situation that trusts showing an interest will initially want their identity to remain confidential. They may, for example, want to take a look at the situation and confirm that they really are interested before their identity is announced. They may want to ensure that existing staff do not find out from the press before the trust has had a chance to talk to them and explain what it is doing. There may be other reasons as well.

3asAbird Sat 12-Nov-16 14:24:36

It's had a tough year with teachers striking.
2 executive principality only become clear last 6 months how in debt they were.
It's all new builds so the buildings are lovely and probably why they so much in debt as large capital investment.

It had big dip gcse results in 2015 but big boost and highest in County 2016.

We decided against it as it's very large and rural location with hellish traffic so awquard for us to get to.

The latest section 8 ofsted lists poor teaching and weak leadership.
The parent veiw also not great but only 13 responses.

I think most locals have thought of course it will recover.
It had a very god reputation before it became an academy.
The area needs school places so it has to succeed.
Maybe new chain from September be good thing but highly disruptive to the rest if this year and will worry next year's year 7 parents .

Lots have left so spaces in all age groups.
I can see many more looking at transfer options next week as school not communicated themselves well many parents found out from local newspaper and social media.

Also now thinking may have knock on effect 2nd round and waitlist of people change preferences after march 1st.

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