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Questionaire on children's transition from Reception to Year 1

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aiane Fri 22-Apr-16 13:47:34

For parents with children that previously/currently went to a reception or year 1 class from 2013-2016 in England.

I am a 3rd year student, studying BA Childhood Studies. I am currently doing my dissertation and I would like to ask parents to complete the attached questionnaire concerning their perception and experiences about their child's transition from reception to year 1.

I want to find out how parents, children and practitioners experience the transition from Reception to Year 1 and how children cope with the transition from a play based curriculum to a more formal curriculum.

All information gathered will be treated with confidentiality and anonymity. This means that all information gathered will be securely stored and not shared with anyone else apart from my lecturer. Additionally, the questionnaire is anonymous as I do not require any personal information about you or your child.

If you wish to participate, please click one the links:
For parents who have children in reception:

For parents who have children in year 1:

If you have an queries do not hesitate to ask.

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