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Eaton Square School

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Sheilamay Tue 08-Dec-15 14:53:11

Can anyone offer any insights into Eaton Square school? Weighing options now and don't know the scene over there beyond my own personal research. Hear mixed things. It's for my boy who will enter reception next year.

primarykids15 Thu 29-Sep-16 12:05:51

I have a child there and unfortunately I cannot recommend it. It was taken over by a private equity firm (Minerva Education) about 3 years ago. There isn't a Board of Governors which means there is no oversight of curriculum, day-to-day running or general governance. Many NQTs without rigorous mentoring structure. It is a happy environment but the children are ill-prepared for tough 11+ / Common Entrance Secondary schools. Go to visit and check out leavers list to make your own decision. They are however a very strong swimming school and the swimming teacher is excellent, if your son is a swimmer. Good luck!

busybee35 Fri 11-Nov-16 15:22:55

I have to say I have never been anything less than impressed by Eaton Square

ESS is indeed a happy place, but don't let that fool you in to thinking that it isn't academic, those children work hard and get in to very very good schools. The school sends out a letter telling parents which schools the leavers have got in to and I'm sure they'd be happy to share this info with you.

As for NQT's they are few and far between, but why should a newly qualified teacher be a negative? They've received the most up to date training and are fresh, enthusiastic and passionate about the job. One of my children's teachers was an NQT a couple of years ago and was hands down one of the best teachers we have had and was supported by an experienced member of staff. The teachers at ESS always have time for you and know each of my children so well.

My children are safe, happy and challenged and I couldn't recommend ESS highly enough. I totally agree that you should go and have a look around, talk to the children and ask to see leavers lists and look at the books. In my experience they've always been happy to share, and I've always been really impressed by what I've seen.

user1493242132 Wed 26-Apr-17 22:36:07

Two very opposite reviews of the school! I am still keen on ESS for my daughter who doesn't start until 2020. Just out of curiosity busybee35 what is the pressure like academically from the school? Loads of homework etc?

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