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How Much is a child minder? South London/Surrey

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mum2twins Mon 10-May-04 08:39:07

I have been asked by a friend if I will childmind her 18 month old while she returns to work part-time. She has asked me to come up with a hourly rate???? Can anyone let me know what you pay especially in the Surrey/South London. I have no clue and any guidence would be very welcome. Along with any other info that may be helpful, such as who provides food, etc.

Lisa78 Mon 10-May-04 08:50:55

Hi mum2twins
In Yorkshire, its about £3 an hour but I think it is considerably more in Surrey area
Hopefully someone will be along soon to bemoan how much they are paying down your neck of the woods!

motherinferior Mon 10-May-04 08:54:27

Mine is £30 a day. You will need to be registered, don't forget.

mum2twins Mon 10-May-04 12:27:24

Thanks, didn't realise I did, will need to look into that then. Is the £30 for a eight hour day?

hercules Mon 10-May-04 12:32:03

£4 per hour is what I paid. £135 for a week holidays.

furniture Mon 10-May-04 12:40:55

I think the registration process can take a little while as I friend of mine did it recently. I live in SE London and £4 an hour seems the typical rate.

lydialemon Mon 10-May-04 12:47:27

BF is a childminder in that area. She (and the other local cms) charge £4 an hour. She charges £3.80 for one of her charges whose parents provide food - he's very picky and its easier that way. Parents are expected to provide nappies, wipes and nappy sacks for babies.

You really need to contact your local council about registering as it can take a little while to get the courses and visits done. You would be strongly advised to join the NCMA (national child minding association) as they will then provide you with all the contracts/paperwork you will need AND tell you all the stuff about holidays, fees etc that you need to know. Bear in mind that you will have to have additional insurance, and upgrade your car insurance (if you have one)

Please don't be tempted to do it 'under the table' so to speak. If anything happened to your friends child whilst in your care you would be stuffed! Also she cannot claim any money for the child care unless you are registered.


Janstar Mon 10-May-04 13:01:06

I pay £3.50 an hour in West Herts. I pay if my child is sick. If I book holidays more than 1 month in advance my childminder doesn't charge me, but some do.

I also pay £1 a day for lunch (sandwiches fruit and yogurt).

Galaxy Mon 10-May-04 13:02:23

message withdrawn

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