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Doing P.E. In just knickers?

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Radley Fri 10-Nov-06 16:19:15

DD2 (4) came home and told me that she has done pe for the first time, in just her knickers.

Am I over reacting thinking that this is out of order?

Also, DD1 (7) came home and said that pe today had been running round the field etc in her normal uniform and her trainers, when she has got a tracksuit etc (this was asked for specifically a short while ago)

Maltamum Fri 11-Oct-13 22:44:01

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Marjee Sun 18-Jul-10 11:56:31

Out of order imo (although totally irrelevent now given the age of this thread)! I remember being made to do pe in vest and knickers at school as a punishment for forgetting pe kit. The other kids used to take the piss out of the ones in knickers and vest and it was humiliating. Its different if all the children were just in knickers but if not thats just mean and I would complain to the school.

pranma Wed 14-Jul-10 17:25:39

Who is going to change them into and out of their kit?What is wrong with vest and knickers[or just knickers] at 4 and 5?If they are 'humiliated' someone has been teaching them a very odd view of the world.
By age 7 they should have a PE kit and be able to change themselves but imagine how much lesson would be left if there were 30 little ones needing help at start and finish.Outdoors yes-too cold but in school hall surely its ok.

RedArsedBaboon Wed 14-Jul-10 12:49:24

oh i see grin

mumblechum Wed 14-Jul-10 12:30:39

Can't remember exactly but she was calling you stupid. <<holds Red Arsed Baboon's coat>>

RedArsedBaboon Wed 14-Jul-10 11:11:05

what was the post that was deleted?

mumblechum Wed 14-Jul-10 06:17:31

Nice hmm

Paula54 Wed 14-Jul-10 05:29:20

Message withdrawn

RedArsedBaboon Tue 13-Jul-10 06:45:11

bloody hell this thread is 4 years old!

Paula54 Tue 13-Jul-10 06:09:35

I used to do pe in navy blue pe knickers and skirt .but things change now but i enjoyed pe knickers and skirt and Leotard in later years happy days

nivvy Wed 15-Nov-06 11:27:15

"Cross country in knickers and bare feet . So pleased that the schools have moved on from that."

If only they'd moved on before I was there! You went slipping and sliding everywhere because your feet couldn't get a grip in the mud. Afterwards you coud either wear your wet and muddy knickers under your skirt, or take them off for the rest of the day. Nice choice!

joelallie Wed 15-Nov-06 11:00:31

Not a problem unless your DD sees it as one. We did it. I must admit my kids don't but when they were first in school they wouldn't have cared. DS#1 is 9 now and would be embarrassed but not then. Little children shouldn't have a problem with nudity and unless there is a concern about a teacher having paedophile tendencies (and if there is that is a totally seperate and much more worrying issue) or the gym being cold, I can't see why it matters.

Yes children should learn to respect themselves but can't see how teaching them to be embarrassed about their bodies acheives that.

BarefootDancer Tue 14-Nov-06 22:53:16

We all did PE in our pants and vests at infant school in England. We had big navy ones like shorts. Very modest! Nobody cared or stared. We enjoyed PE. After all, the children go swimming together too.

INK Tue 14-Nov-06 22:04:30

Gillian76 Thanks for that. I honestly was beginning to wonder if I had missed something here.

fubsy Tue 14-Nov-06 21:45:01

What a freaky thread. I actually dont know what to say - children arent self conscious about what they are wearing or what they look like until adults make them that way. Look at how happy children are to play naked on the beach. How many reports of children being abused on the beach are there? You dont have to have a CRB check to walk on the beach, but you do to be a teacher, male or female. My local swimming pool wont let people take photos of their children in the pool in case they accidentlly take a pic of another child - but they have floor to ceiling windows that often have men with their noses pressed to them.

Incidentally I had to do practical anatomy classes in bra and knickers at college; we couldnt be bothered to get dressed again afterwards so we just put airtex shirts on top in between classes. Now why did I feel the need to post this?

Is there any link between current paranoia about young childrens bodies, and the fact that by the time they are old enough to hit nightclubs they will be wanting to wear the least possible clothing and most certainly will not be concerned about feeling the cold. I am sooooooo glad i am not of clubbing age anymore - I think its most unfair that blokes get to wear clothes and girls only seem to wear underwear. When I look back on the good old days we look positively wrapped up.

Sorry, starting to rant - and get off track - like I say this thread freaked me out......

Gillian76 Tue 14-Nov-06 21:31:12

Ink, I went through primary in Scotland and both DH and I are teachers (I'm not teaching at the moment but was until about 18 months ago). Have NEVER heard of this until now!

INK Tue 14-Nov-06 21:29:43

Can anyone tell me if schools in Scotland allow children to do PE in their pants and vest.

I'm amazed that I was not aware that this happens in schools. I would not allow my dcs to do PE in just their underwear.

AbbyLou Tue 14-Nov-06 20:49:06

I have read this whole thread with interest - it took ages mind you! I teach a Y1 and y2 class in an infant school and it is our school policy for children to wear pants (and vest) for PE. It is nothing to do with teachers being idle, the children change for outdoor PE. The reason we ask for only vest and pants is partly to do with a directive issued by our LEA (Derbyshire) some years ago regarding children doing gymnastics on apparatus. Many schools had seen accidents where children had got clothes tangled round apparatus or caught on it and it had caused quite serious accidents. It was recommended that children wear the minimum clothing. This is probably no longer the case but we still do it. We very rarely get any parents questioning it and I've never had a child who's been remotely embarassed or ashamed. It is normal for them, they've always done it and are all doing it anyway. With regards to Ofsted, when we were inspected we were praised highly for a PE provision and not one mention was made of the attire of the children! I think a lot of these arguments are ridiculous. Occasionally we have parents who ask that their child be allowed to wear shorts and we always say yes if they're really that bothered. To be honest it worries us more why any parent would have a problem with their child wearing pants in front of their friends and a teacher. In my time as a teacher i have only had three parents question it - the first becasue her child was scarred from skin grafts, the second because her child was abused at a young age by a family member and the thrid becasue she 'didn't like it'. All three children wore shorts but soon got fed up of putting them on and being different and reverted to the original attire. As for the issue of being cold, if the teacher is teaching the PE curriculum correctly, children should be physically active continuously throughout the lesson and therefore cannot get cold!

GILL74 Tue 14-Nov-06 20:03:21

Cross country in knickers and bare feet . So pleased that the schools have moved on from that.

nivvy Tue 14-Nov-06 16:35:25

I'll stick my head above the parapet and give my opinion! My daughter is required to do this at school, and I have no problem with it. She is young enough not to be concerned, I trust the school staff and the gym is warm enough not to cause problems. Way back when I was at school (pre-prep and prep with boys, 11+ all-girls) we all did PE in our knickers until 11, when we were allowed gym knickers and white vests. Even then though if we didn't have our kit, it was underwear knickers. Some of us even had to run cross country in our knickers, spare vests and bare feet, when we didn't have our kit!

BIGlilBUBU Mon 13-Nov-06 12:04:27

I personally have absolutly no problem with nudity at all. As a child I was always nude on the beach on holiday. My mum was always topless, which I did find abit as I got to a certain age. Ds is only 14months and not potty trained so its swimmer nappys for him, but when he's older im sure he'll be naked on the beach.
I just find doing PE in undies pointless and inapropriate. Theres plenty of other occasions ds can run around in his undies or naked but I really really dont think school is the right place.

TheHighwayCod Mon 13-Nov-06 11:24:29

the only htong i think is odd
is WHY dont they let them wear hte clothes
a dnthat its a thorough fare fro older kids

Heathcliffscathy Mon 13-Nov-06 11:23:59

i guess the question is why a four year old would find it uncomfortable to be in vest and knickers along with all their classmates isn't it?

TheHighwayCod Mon 13-Nov-06 10:59:49

i thoguth learngin to dress is in istelf somthign t hey refine in reception

nearlythree Mon 13-Nov-06 10:58:56

I have already said that I find nudity on a beach totally fine, or on holiday, or in the park - anywhere informal - so long as it is the child's choice. It's totally different to have this imposed by the school as some children will find it uncomfortable.

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