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Independent schools in cheltenham - dean close or airthrie or cheltenham college?

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Woodysmummy10 Sat 10-Jan-15 19:59:43

Wondering if anyone has any feedback on these three schools? Ideally these as from location point of view better for work . We have visited dean close but still need to book to look at others. Any views good or bad? Many thanks

Auradora12 Sun 11-Jan-15 14:34:52

Depends upon what you are looking for long term and the type of schooling you are after. All of them have small classes, but Airthrie is a much smaller school overall and much more like being at a primary school further up. Dean Close and Cheltenham College will have the preparatory schooling and other facilities available which Aithrie won't have. I know at CCPS they use the science labs for all science lessons once they are in Y5, they use proper Technology rooms for DT and some of the teachers come from the senior school to teach subject specific lessons.

Both DC and CCPS are through schools and so they can start in the nursery and stay there until they are 18, where as there will be a school change at 11 with Aithrie. Also consider they will have Saturday school once they are in Year 5 at DC and CCPS, how sporty do you want the school.

You can only make a full decision once you have visited the schools and if you are clear in your mind what you want for your child.

Woodysmummy10 Sun 11-Jan-15 18:58:45

Thanks for that . Ideally I would like a through school and want one where she will be stretched if bright but also come out well rounded and happy with her talents maximised if she isn't academic. I don't what her to measure her success purely on her exam results. Not sure if she will be sporty or not. Not big thing from my point of view but if she loves it will encourage it. As long as active at school and doing fitness for fun I don't mind if she isn't coordinated and in first hockey team. We don't need boarding facilities. Put of airdrome because she will have to move but have heard some rumours that dean close isn't academic enough. Not sure how true that is, I want her to be somewhere where she feels part of the school and is nurtured and the pupils are empathic and kind. Not much to ask!

blitzen72 Sun 11-Jan-15 22:32:25

I have two children at CC, both boarders in the Senior School. One is very academic, the other is very middlish. Both are involved in all sorts of activities outside the classroom. We didn't want just a hothouse, we wanted somewhere that would support them across the wider curriculum as well. That's what we got. They love the school, and we really feel we made the right choice. They didn't go to the Prep school - I am a teacher so they came to the one I work at - so cannot help you with that, but the kids who come through seem to be lovely.

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