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Eton Admissions

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athornamongroses Fri 14-Nov-14 12:06:36

Have any parents heard anything at all from Eton admissions after the interview and before the results are announced?

Michaelahpurple Sat 22-Nov-14 14:48:51

Not that I have ever heard of. Not long to wait now anyway

Thereshallbeaspirin Sat 22-Nov-14 14:54:20

I understood we would hear nothing until mid December - apparently they send results out to coincide with end of term (appx 12th dec for the preps I think). I also heard that yes, no, and reserve list letters are all sent out at same time.

grovel Sat 22-Nov-14 16:14:35

Good luck to you all.

IndridCold Sat 22-Nov-14 16:33:03

I wouldn't be surprised if they are still doing the last few assessment days!

Thereshall is right, all letters are sent out at the same time and usually arrives right at the start of the (prep school) holidays, on the 12th or thereabouts.

Good luck to everyone!

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