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I need to write a book reveiw!

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purplemurple1 Tue 04-Nov-14 10:31:58

Ok so the hard bit is meant to be writing it in Swedish, but I haven't written a book reveiw since school and I don't know where to start, what it should include etc.
The book is aimed at 14-16yr olds so I guess a GCSE level peice of work is expected (its my first homework and I've not had many lessons so don't really know what level we are woring at).

Can anyone give me some pointers on how to start it, what to include?

holeinmyheart Tue 04-Nov-14 12:12:22

If you go onto Amazon books, most of them have hoards of reviews. They should give you some pointers. You don't have to buy the books to read the reviews.
Also the free site for Audio books, ( google Audio Books ) reviews every book. They are short and snappy. Hope that helps.
Also Wikipedia has stuff about almost any Author.

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