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How to engage DS in considering the idea of other High Schools?

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fellcreat Wed 03-Sep-14 17:49:23

My DS has just started YR5 and we are starting to think about secondary school options. The choices are the local comprehensive or sitting an 11 plus type exam for a number of local independant grammar schools which we could only realisticly afford if he did well enough in the exam to get a bursary. At the moment he wants to go to the local high school where most of his friends will go which could be fine but I want us to look at all the options.
He has made really good progress over the last couple of years and I think that he could pass the exams but wether he would pass at a high enough level to be offered a bursary I have no idea.
I thought that the best way would be to go to all the open days to try and pique his interest, however, I don't want to get him all excited and then dash his hopes if he can't go if we don't get the bursary offer.
Any tips from anyone who's been in a similar situation on how to raise it with him ? He is very single minded

inthename Wed 03-Sep-14 18:17:45

independent schools all have prospectuses. Start by letting him look through those, then if any interest him go to the open days, then make an appointment with the bursar to discuss how their bursaries are administered.
If hes that single minded that he doesn't show any interest in the prospectuses or open days then its unlikely that hes going to be willing to do the work required for the exams.
Also, do bear in mind the cost of extras at the independent schools and that even with a bursary you have to figure in fee increases.

Unexpected Wed 03-Sep-14 23:26:53

And check the bursary rules at any schools you are considering before you show him the prospectus. You can probably rule out some in advance if you already know that your income level is too high for any bursary or if they only generally offer up to x% and you need X + more. Also ask the schools what level they generally require for a pass in their entrance exams and what level bursary students are working at.

fellcreat Thu 04-Sep-14 13:56:47

Hello thanks for the replies I have checked the income levels and we would qualify for assistance in terms of what we earn. It probably sounds really stupid but I never thought to ask the schools what level bursary students would be working at; will they tell me that information? . It would obviously give me a much clearer idea of whether he would be in with a shot. He is bright academically particularly in literacy but I am sure the bursary's will be uber competitive and there will be lots of mini geniuses . I will get Mr Fellcreat to make the calls.

inthename Thu 04-Sep-14 19:43:10

also, as I've often said, be aware that the advertised bursary levels aren't always what the school typically offer - I've lost count of the schools I've contacted which say 'we typically offer 50% bursaries' or similar then the bursar admits that they actually award around 10%!

2rebecca Thu 04-Sep-14 23:31:31

The bursaries at our local private school go up to 100% but bursaries are linked to parental income and how well the child does in the entrance exam. If the parental income is above a certain amount then there is no bursary no matter how well the child does.
They start with the top performing child and go down through the list awarding money depending on parental income until all the money has gone.
Each private school seems to do something different.

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