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Northwood College

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Truthful1 Fri 11-Jul-14 09:45:34

Send your child here at own peril. Incompetent management and not enough space per inch per child Bullying is encouraged by teachers who hide it so as to maintain their name and pastoral care is zero. Bullying is rife with stabbing punching assaults and gangs and school do nothing but push the victim out. If you send your child then be prepared not to be heard if anything goes wrong and the children are told by the head contrary to publicized anti bullying policies and child protection agencies not to tell anyone if anything bad happens at the school. There is no redress if the education is lacking where it is poorly administered and do not assist children in examinations such as the SATs. The school's approach to complaints is to tell the parents to shut up and put up failing which the children will be penalized by losing out on trips they look forward to. The junior head who is supported by the senior head is herself a liar and bully and cares not for the children but encourages teachers to lie to belittle a child's concerns. The crowd is possibly more than 90 percent Indian with a lot of expats fresh from India bringing with them issues and manners that are not in line with British upbringing and ways - do not spend your money at this school as all you pay for is anxiety and suffering for tour child which will eventually turn your child into a mean machine in order to survive in what is clearly a jungle

TheWave Fri 11-Jul-14 17:37:38

Wow! What happened to your child there

MarlboroMary Thu 07-Aug-14 13:56:26

Sounds like I'd expect it to be. I was there 20+ years ago and hated it.

Edenviolet Mon 15-Sep-14 21:43:41

We have had quite the opposite experience with this school so far. I have found the teachers to all be very caring, kind and to have the girls best interests at heart.
Any problems we have had have been swiftly sorted out (just to clarify these were not bullying related orto do with any aspect of how the school is run). It is easy toget hold of staff and my daughters head of year is absolutely lovely and really cares about her pupils.

We were initially unsure how things would go after the merge but feel that every effort has been made to integrate new pupils and make them feel part of the school.

dodo3 Mon 15-Sep-14 21:51:39

There's nothing worse than not being happy with your child's school but I would speak to the school or governors rather than posting racial comments on Mumsnet.

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