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A friend of mine bought a rainbow loom for her son and he didn't like it.... what might he like to make instead?

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teafortwo Mon 09-Jun-14 23:25:19

A friend of mine bought a rainbow loom for her son and he didn't like it.... what might he like to make instead?

teafortwo Tue 10-Jun-14 08:50:52

He is the sort of boy that looks in need of a project..... but what?

teafortwo Tue 10-Jun-14 08:51:17

He is 9

teafortwo Tue 10-Jun-14 08:51:52


Cindy34 Tue 10-Jun-14 08:56:31

Airfix or other model making.

Creating youtube instructional videos.

Toomanyhouseguests Tue 10-Jun-14 09:44:40

Mechano, Lego, Airfix.

4happyhours Tue 10-Jun-14 10:24:40

Lego for sure. Decopatching is fun and a little messy; shrinkydinks (called shrinkles now) are available online or at hobbycraft. My son would prob still do shrinkles at 13 as you can make badges etc with the right glue and attachments.

PastSellByDate Tue 10-Jun-14 11:59:53

With the world cup coming - why not make world cup footballers to sell in school as a fundraiser?

DeWee Tue 10-Jun-14 12:04:33

Ds (age 7yo) loves airfix. he needs some help at present, but I suspect by 9yo he'd be okay on the simpler ones on his own.

atticusclaw Tue 10-Jun-14 12:08:03

We bought the DSs red toolbox kits for Christmas and they love them. Its a work with adult supervision project but you get real tools, saw, screwdrivers, clamps etc (just miniaturised) plus the wood you need for a project and then you just get going. The DSs have each done birdhouses which they really loved making and then painting. They've also done a bird feeding table between them. They have a kit next to make tool boxes to store their tools in.

Available on amazon.

Fragglewump Tue 10-Jun-14 12:15:22

My son wants a loom machine - does your friend want to sell hers?

Leeds2 Tue 10-Jun-14 16:58:47

Paint By Numbers picture.

Or those things where you scrape off parts of a black piece of paper to reveal a picture underneath. Think they are called scrape-a-foil.

teafortwo Wed 11-Jun-14 08:44:00

THANK YOU SOOOO much..... I shall forward the ideas to her...Fragglewump she also has a dd who is ADDICTED to the rainbow loom but I keep seeing cheaper versions popping up so maybe you can get something a bit less pricey?..... They are a lot of money given what materially they are eh? My daughter makes hers on ANYTHING.... if you know the technique all you need are the bands that can be icked up just about anywhere and fingers, toes, dolls chairs..... the dogs tail..... sigh.... Once your lad gets going DO NOT expect communication for at least one month minimum!!!!!!

EndoplasmicReticulum Thu 12-Jun-14 21:51:25

I bought a rainbow loom for me for my children, my 7 year old son likes it but 9 year old doesn't (no attention span) - but I made him a creeper bracelet (minecraft), so now he's showing more interest. Look on youtube for the videos.

He loves making things out of Lego, K-nex, Geomag, he also likes those kits where you get a lump of rock and have to chip away at it until you find a fossil in there somewhere.

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