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Any tips on Wembley Park area/schools

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marsupilami111 Mon 26-May-14 23:02:28

Hello everyone,

We are a French-speaking family looking to move to the Wembley Park area in London. We have a 3 year old boy and would like to put him in the French school opening next year. We have been there to visit and find the area to be a bit of a mixed bag, with nice houses close to warehouses and council flats (as in most of London I guess), although the area seems on the up. Do you know what's living in Wembley Park like? Is there a nice community feel? What kind of people live there? Do big events at the stadium cause any trouble? Is it relatively safe?
Also, we are looking at alternative schools there in case the French school does not work out, such as Ark Academy (state) and St Christopher's (independent) and the local Montessori, any feedback would be much appreciated!


TheWave Tue 27-May-14 18:58:52

What sort of budget and house would you be looking for? Or would they be provided/organised for you?

I would look more few stops further away on the Jubilee line or Metropolitan personally. Into town more upmarket and expensive, say try West Hampstead, or more suburban and perhaps a nicer feel than Wembley in Stanmore or Ruislip for example. But it's going relate to personal taste and budget!

marsupilami111 Tue 27-May-14 22:37:42

Thanks TheWave! The thing is, we would like to be within walking distance of the school. Besides, we would like a 3/4 bed house so places like West Hampstead are unaffordable. Stanmore looks nice but ta bit far from central London. Any chance t
Wembley park becomes nicer in the next few years?

TheWave Tue 27-May-14 23:20:57

Try away from Neasden direction and more towards Preston Road perhaps. Not sure if it's going up - the suggestions are that it will when the French school opens and you guys come!

I don't live there but it seems round there that the nicer properties are further from any tube stn and if I was going to be in London I'd like to have the facility to readily get into town. Not easy to balance.

marsupilami111 Fri 30-May-14 09:41:55

Thanks again TheWave – yes it is hard to balance indeed. We would like to be within 10 min walk of the station though… and our main concern is whether we will like the area and get on with the neighbours and so. As we have a child the community feel is important to us. We haven't really looked into Preston Road yet but might give it a try.

differenttoyou Sat 31-May-14 19:08:37

Have a look at the Barn Hill Estate.

marsupilami111 Sat 31-May-14 19:19:28

Thanks I will, do you know this place?

differenttoyou Sun 01-Jun-14 00:17:57

Yes. DH grew up there and his parents had a house there until a couple if years ago. They downsized so moved away.

Maman18 Mon 23-Jun-14 15:05:50

Bonjour Claude,

Nous sommes une famille bilingue et ma fille a bientôt 3 ans. Je suis aussi intéressée par l'école de Wembley mais mon mari n'est pas aussi enthousiaste par ce que le quartier (d'après lui, je n'y suis jamais allée) n'est pas très agréable. Avez-vous trouve un petit coin sympas qui pourrait lui faire changer d'avis?
Merci et faites moi savoir comment se poursuit votre recherche!

parentof1 Mon 08-Sep-14 09:47:07

we just moved from a 2 bed flat in baker street up to wembley park in the barnhill estate. like you mention we were worried about the change in lifestyle but it definitely feels like its coming up. there is a new designer outlet by the stadium and they are apparently building a lot of park areas/shops too. the school i hope will bring in more cafes etc too. also i work in the city so its a direct 30min train to work, so only added 12 mins onto my journey. not to mention we got a 5 bed detached house with a big garden - our 1 yr old loves it already

dwinter Wed 15-Oct-14 13:44:53

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Segache2015 Wed 15-Apr-15 15:33:21

Bonjour tout le monde,
Je vous donne l'adresse d'une maternelle Bilingue (Francais/Anglais)excellente qui va ouvrir ses portes a coté du nouveau lycée francais a Wembley.

Hello everyone,
Please find the link to a pre-prep Bilingual French/English nursery that will open in September next to the new French lycée in Wembley.

Esker Wed 15-Apr-15 21:46:46

You could try North Wembley station area (Bakerloo /Overground Line to Euston). It's more 'suburban' in feel than the rather industrial/ commercial environment of Wembley Park. Houses are relatively affordable within 10 mins of the station. There is a secondary school called Wembley High Technology College which have a good reputation and strong results, and they are building a primary school which opens in September. Seems to have a good reputation locally. The 245 bus takes about 10 mins to get to the old Town Hall, which will be the site of the new French school. (Maybe up to 15 mins in traffic). Bonne chance!

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