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Pre-schools/primaries in Harpenden

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SearchingforSleep Tue 29-Apr-14 15:09:30

I am contemplating a move to Harpenden with a pre-schooler. I have had a look at Ofsted reports but wondered whether anyone could share local insights about pre-schools and primaries in the area? I am aware that Ofsted reports are not the be all and end all but as I live a distance away, that's all I have to go on! Thank you - any advice/recommendations much appreciated. smile

DodderyOldSoul Sun 04-May-14 18:45:49

URC pre school is brilliant.

Best Ofsted in the town, fourth Outsranding rating in a row, centre of town, friendly mums.

katocat Tue 06-May-14 12:23:24

Harpenden pre-schools are, in general, of an incredibly high standard. They are not outstanding for nothing! I moved from another area and was quite shocked about the difference between the "best" nursery in that region (which we were at) and the general standard in Harpenden.

That being said, they are quite different in approach and worth a visit if you can. Hours are also really variable - do you want proper work coverage hours or 3 hour pre-school slots? The nurseries that attach to the schools are fantastic, but in general less flexible with hours and only take them for the year before reception. There are also a number of pre-schools which do "school day" type arrangements from age 2.

My highest recommendation is for Artisans, which is an Outstanding Montessori nursery. The education and care really is amazing. They offer 3 hour morning or afternoon slots, or the option to do school days. They take little ones from age 2. It's worth persevering with that initial contact as they're not always the best at responding to new queries first off (kids before marketing) - doesn't mean they're not amazing once you're there!

You can't go too far wrong, though. Welcome to the neighbourhood!

This is the oracle for those moving into the area - get yourself signed up and ask away!

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