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Best Independent School in Kent / Bromley

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Manji Fri 21-Mar-14 11:01:16

I am looking for a best independent Co-ed Primary schools in Bromley/Kent/Surrey area. My DS is currently in a state school in year 2 in Greenwich. He is diagnosed with ASD, he is very bright and intelligent but lacking a bit of social interaction and communication. Like any other state school he is just 'being there' without much help from SENCO. Hence I am looking to move him in to a Co-Ed Private school where I believe he will get independent attention from his teachers. As I am planning to buy a house (max budget 5 to5.5k) I am ready to move anywhere where I believe the School gives the best and has SEN as a priority and prepare for him for 11+ for wider choices.

I had visited St.Christopher The Hall School in Beckenham, Wickham Court in West Wickham and am planning to visit St.David's college in West Wickham. Can you suggest any other best/top independent school where it suits him better based on his needs. Though he don't need any one to one attention, just that he is in a good atmosphere with some attention on his progress is more than welcome.

Appreciate your Advice/Suggestions.

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