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PGCE Primary interview next week

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ClaraBean Mon 24-Feb-14 21:54:30

And I am feeling the stress sad
I was so optimistic, this is supposed to be me changing my life, making it better for me and dc, but now I have an interview I am totally stressed out.
I have to prepare a presentation on Behaviour Management and Discipline which seems sooooo broad, I hardly know where to start, and I have both my Skills Tests this week.
Anybody in the same position, or have any advice? Any idea of interview questions, or anything I should really be reading up on?
I sort of feel that if I am this stressed out about an interview maybe a PGCE isn't for me. I am never usually this stressed out, and am not sure I can feel like this for an entire year, or maye it wont be as bad as the wait for an interview?

rollonthesummer Tue 25-Feb-14 13:59:58

Goodness me, that does seem a rather broad thing to prepare a presentation on when you haven't ever taught?!

My PGCE interview just consisted of the woman in charge of the course asking me if I'd prefer to specialise in ks1 or ks2 and why!

Good luck with the interview. You'll probably get asked why you want to teach, why that particular age group, what relevance you think your degree subject has etc Maybe a few questions about current education issues in the news-new curriculum etc

I can't wait to leave the job tbh, but I wish you all the best with your new career smile

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