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Paying for School Transport

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suedonim Tue 09-Mar-04 14:56:48

The govt has just published its draft bill to start charging for school transport . Will it cut down on cars on the roads or is it a stealth tax? From what I've seen so far, only those entitled to free school dinners will be exempt.

secur Tue 09-Mar-04 15:01:52

Message withdrawn

Freckle Tue 09-Mar-04 16:30:05

It seems totally counterproductive to me. At a cost of £1.60 a day, anyone with more than one child travelling to school will simply take their own car (work, etc. permitting). I think they are targetting the wrong people (well, we are an easy target aren't we?). They should be targetting all those workers who drive to work *alone* in their cars. If I walk to school with my 3 children, I take only 1 car off the road. If 4 workers were to use alternative methods, they would take 4 cars off the road. Barmy.

Twinkie Tue 09-Mar-04 16:41:17

Love this idea - thing is that the bus companies probably get a subsidy for this service - without the subsidy (well once all the kids start going by car!!) they will probably cut bus services or just make the local council increase their subsidies so all in all the government won't save money at all ha ha do you think gordon has thought about that???

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