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Haberdashers Aske's Crayford Academy- How good is it?

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Aapriya13 Fri 10-Jan-14 13:17:12

Hello all,

The Ofsted report does say it is good. But would be great to hear more from mums of kids in the school.

We are thinkng of moving up there and the house we've seen is a bit above our budget.

Just want to make sure if the school is really good before taking such a big decision.

Any and all inputs would be greatly appreciated and would really help us in our decision.


aisttes Thu 06-Feb-14 19:40:29

My child is at reception class, so far so happy. New building, classroom is well equiped and teaching is good . Children receive a lot of additional help if needed. Every child, regardless of your financial situation, receive free school lunch. Breakfast club is just a pound, after school clubs 2 pounds, which is a bargain. BUT.... you do need to live close, and I think there is noone who lives further, at least in my direction, and as far as I know (my friend's son is at the nursery there), from this September, reception places will be available only to the children who attend nursery at haberdashers. There are 60 children in nursery, and only 30 reception places. Other 30 will be offered places in slade green campus, which is in different area, and from what I have heard, I wouldn't want my child go there. If you are a church goer (anglicon), there is another good school - St Paulinus. Hope it helped smile

aisttes Thu 06-Feb-14 19:42:38

Upps, I missed a line. I live less than 5min walk.

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