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Results are out for the Herts. Consortium

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Mummyoftheyear Fri 11-Oct-13 22:00:07

How's everyone done?

goldie81 Fri 11-Oct-13 22:05:18

Yey!! Really pleased! So proud all the hardwork has paid off smile

Mummyoftheyear Fri 11-Oct-13 22:07:42

Fantastic! Bet you'll sleep well without Monday (date results were due) looming!

goldie81 Fri 11-Oct-13 22:10:12

Def will!! Didn't sleep at all last nite worrying so wasn't going 2sleep at all over wknd!

Mummyoftheyear Fri 11-Oct-13 23:44:02


FiveHoursSleep Sat 12-Oct-13 13:59:35

DD did well although already had a sibling place, so we didn't worry too much.
It's nice to know she'll hold her own with her classmates next year. smile

goldie81 Sat 12-Oct-13 14:43:43

Well done fivehours. Which school are you going to then?

Mummyoftheyear Sat 12-Oct-13 15:12:15

Well done! Must be nice not to have stressed too much, then ;) Lovely that you won't have the March Wait, either!

FiveHoursSleep Sun 13-Oct-13 15:16:31

WGSG for us as we have a Y7 girl there atm.

Mummyoftheyear Tue 15-Oct-13 22:28:10


FiveHoursSleep Wed 16-Oct-13 11:04:37

What schools are you looking at?

Mummyoftheyear Wed 16-Oct-13 16:46:10

SW Herts

goldie81 Wed 16-Oct-13 22:07:14

Well I've just put all forms in!! In order of pref- parmiters, wat girls, queens & meads! So stressful!!!

FiveHoursSleep Wed 16-Oct-13 22:37:10

I remember this time of year last year very well. The stress dies down for a bit , then rears its ugly head again towards the end of february. Allocation day is a killer.
If it helps, my DD is having a wonderful time at WGSG now she's got over the shock of secondary school.
She has a 45 minute journey each way but it seems worth it at this point in time.

goldie81 Wed 16-Oct-13 23:28:33

What will be will be now. Just wish last yrs scores applied!! Dreading them going up by too much!
Glad your dd enjoying it! Seems like most secondary schools have a bit of travel to.

ShredMeJillianIWantToBeNatalie Tue 29-Oct-13 22:29:11

Just found this thread :-)

We are hoping for Parmiters, ds scored quite a bit over the last few years cut off scores but obviously there are no guarantees. I've been googling the effects of standardisation and driving myself mental in the process. We really liked the school when we looked round, the children were friendly and polite, the Head seemed to know his stuff. Unfortunately we don't know many children currently there, so not much first hand experience to go on.

March seems a very, very long way away. ...... Good luck everyone.

Mummyoftheyear Wed 30-Oct-13 22:14:07

Ooh. I'll message Goldie. She's down for it this year.

goldie81 Wed 30-Oct-13 22:29:46

Well done shredme- what a nightmare this school thing is.
So what were your thoughts on standardisation? I've put parmiters 1st choice & any other yr def would have got a place but now I keep hearing highs scores so slightly concerned!!
Thanks mummy for the message!!
Aaahhhh why is March so far away?!

goldie81 Wed 30-Oct-13 22:30:47

By the way shredme- we know several children who have been there/are there- all very lovely!!!

ShredMeJillianIWantToBeNatalie Wed 30-Oct-13 23:41:54

Goldie81 there is lots of discussion of the standardisation process on the elevenplusexams forum, I don't know if you've seen it too? But the point seems to be that it's not a coincidence that the cut off scores are reasonably consistent year on year (albeit they are slowly going up it seems) because the point of the exercise is to identify a set proportion of children who qualify. Therefore it shouldn't matter if the exam is easier or harder in a particular year, and the scores required shouldn't vary wildly year on year.

I think the highest score required I've seen is 250 (2010 I think?) - but even then it dropped after the initial allocation round in March. The last few years it's been consistent at 246-7.

Just hoping that all ds's hard work will have paid off, he totally loved the school when we looked round (during the school day, which was lovely) and now totally has his heart set on it. We have put our form in and told him there's nothing more we can do for now, just wait it out.

ShredMeJillianIWantToBeNatalie Wed 30-Oct-13 23:44:01

PS Parmiters is the only school we qualify for in catchment within the Consortium so it's that or bust.

goldie81 Thu 31-Oct-13 06:58:20

Yes thanks read on elevenplus - read it lots of times & seems that hopefully this is the case, however I won't feel happy till I have it in black & white!!
I'm hoping that our schools are high enough that a slight inflation in scores will still allow them a place! I know of 6 others that scored over 152 & they will not be taking up academic places as they are siblings, wanting other schools etc. That teamed with the fact that it's standardised means that we should be ok??!!

FiveHoursSleep Thu 31-Oct-13 07:14:21

It's a horrible 4 months wait, I remember it so well from last year. DD1 got about 10 marks over the cut off for the previous years, so we thought she'd get a place but the not knowing did my head in. Even worse is allocation day itself;it's the longest day ever

goldie81 Thu 31-Oct-13 07:21:11

Yes so far- it's horrible waiting. Think other thing will be seeing all parents on allocation day! The bonus for the last few yrs has been knowing the scores of the test before applying then at least we can make sensible choices!!

ShredMeJillianIWantToBeNatalie Fri 01-Nov-13 18:29:56

Well my form has gone in. Ds also sat and passed the Bucks 11+ (which was horrible compared to the Herts one) so everything seems up in the air at the moment, but I'm glad at least that the decision our end is made.

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