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schooling for primary school children here and abroad.

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fatnan Fri 19-Apr-13 10:48:07

Hi there, I am new to mumsnet but here goes. I am a grandparent who has the care of my two grandchildren aged 4 and 6 due to their parents not being able to care for them. They are very happy children and outgoing. My problem is that my husband and I have a business in France which we have to manage during the Spring Term, i.e. January to Easter. My question to anyone who could help me is.
Is it possible to have children in mainstream school but take them out to France to be educated for those 3 months either by a private tutor ideally working with the school from England. The benefits to the children are they will learn french and have extra activities from a snow ski resort and we have lots of friends in the village where we are that are english and have children. Thank you anyone who can help.

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