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Alleyns and Dulwich College

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westerngirl Sun 14-May-06 17:00:35


I was just wondering about peoples experience and thoughts of the relative merits of these two schools. My ds (3.5) should be starting in ducks in sept '07 - I have other thread with question on this. We will be househunting in some area nearby and I have just started exploring environs. Dulwich College looks great but have slight reservation over single sex schools. Heard somewhere that boys do better at coed and girls at single sex schools. Also, has anybody info on this locality as we don't know it very well.

plummymummy Wed 17-May-06 20:26:08

I'm neither a product of or a fan of independent schools but I do live in the area (and have been in Dulwich for the past 7 years)and generally people seem to favour Alleyns for boys and Jags for girls. Also the boys from Alleyns seem less stuck up IYSWIM.

nooka Wed 17-May-06 21:05:13

I went to school in Blackheath, and all the girls brothers went to Dulwich College. I thought they were a load of stuck up prigs! We are considering Alleyns for ds (but at secondary stage) and my cousins went there and were happy. I like the fact that ducks has a sensible school uniform for little ones - no shirt and ties! Traditionally girls do do better at single sex and boys at co-ed (girls are apparently have a civilising effect!)

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