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Any experiences of moving a child from state to private in Y4?

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orangeberries Mon 26-Nov-12 15:21:04

My DD1 (Y3) has never really being happy at her local school. She does well, she has some good friends, but overall and every so often since reception she had some bad spells of saying she is very bored at school.

The reasons for this are in my opinion that as a school they are not that good at stretching the "brighter" children, but also that they do not offer any sports/music/clubs of any sort and my DD finds playtimes extremely tedious and also just sitting down most of the day doing repetitive work that in her words "doesn't teach her anything new" quite demoralising.

I've done all the extracurricular (she does a huge amount now) but it doesn't solve the fundamental problem, which is getting through her school day. This year seems particularly bad for her as her current teacher has done away with "ability groups" and does whole class teaching. She has had many bad turns of crying and looking I would say borderline depressed.

I am considering a move (next year) to an academically selective (independent) school. Clearly this is quite a big move for many reasons and would love to hear if anyone has done it and how it went for them. I just want to see my DD happy really and I feel so sad she'll get to a point where she'll think back to her primary years as just so miserable....

sunnylabsmum Mon 26-Nov-12 15:30:48

Yes we did earlier this year mid way through yr4.DD very unhappy at school- no friends, bitchiness and she was teased for being good at maths. Found a great co-ed independent junior school and she is loving it so much- a different child- no more sulks, enthusiasm for all learning and according to her new teacher very talented at Maths, which is joy to our ears after she achieved level 4 in year 3 and was left to coast as state school said 'we have to concentrate on those children who are not at level 4'. In the end it was DD's decision to move and she has loads of new friends and is even talking to boys now!!

orangeberries Mon 26-Nov-12 15:36:29

Ah yes we have had similar good to hear such a positive outcome. On some days I convince myself that she will be ok and we should stick to our plan, but on others it breaks my heart to see her so upset!!! Thanks for sharing your experience with me!!!

sunnylabsmum Mon 26-Nov-12 16:17:08

no problem..we too struggled with the decision and the economics of that decision. In fact it probably took us 2 terms to get to the decision and then within 3 weeks she had changed schools. When the bad days outnumber the good, when you feel that the school are only going part of the way with you, then you know its time to change.

Children only get one chance at education so for us it was important to make that the best one. We had had experience of two state schools beforehand- the first was excellent but we had to move away from the area, the second on paper was good, but the reality was rather different.

Am now off to pick up DD from gym club at the new school!!!

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