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Norwoodmum Mon 26-Sep-11 13:15:33

I visited this recently. Does anyone have a child in the G&T or "express" sets? What level was your child in maths and english when he or she started at age 11? Its just that I heard that the GT was for kids already at level 7 and 8 in year 6 which seems extraordinary. I have no idea where if at all above a level 5 mine child is. Are you happy with the school? Do you have any idae how many places are through the lottery? We are conisdering the music scolarship but I wouldnt say my child is gifted in that area and I am unsure whether toadd in this extra stress.

psammyad Mon 26-Sep-11 19:22:48

Hi Norwoodmum, my child was level 5 (& considered able) in Y6 & is in the middle of the 5 bands, so it makes sense to me that the children in the upper bands may have been at least level 6 & above in Y6. And from what I've seen in presentations etc, there were some very articulate, well-educated children who went into last years Y7.

I'm very happy with the school, my child is happy & settled & there is certainly plenty of challenge in her band.

My experience of the lottery is a couple of years out of date now, but IIRC there were so many children who passed the music aptitude tests that the music waiting list was also done as a lottery (i.e. we ended up on both the general & the music waiting lists). It would be best to contact the school to find out exactly how that works now.
The music scholarship is well worth considering if your child is enthusiastic - it seemed a quite friendly process.

I think you may get more replies if you post on the Secondary Forum ;-).

DivaMum23 Thu 20-Oct-11 21:04:01

Hi Everyone I'm new to the site wold love your help.I have just done the rounds of schools open day/evening DS wants to got to Whitgift in Croydon.I like the school however my problem is do I let him sit the 10+ in my heart I know it would be better for DS to stay on at his current prep and do the 11+, but I'm worried it will be difficult getting in at 11+. I feel he stands a better chance at 10+ but I am worried 10 is too early to start secondary school. Would love feed back from anyone whos' Ds started at Whitgift at 10, how did DS settle what was the level of home work. Would love you feed backs. Thanks

Blu Thu 20-Oct-11 21:50:24

Diva - you'll get better replies by posting your question again on a new thread with 'Whitgift' in the title, and on the Secondary Education Board!

DivaMum23 Fri 21-Oct-11 05:47:57

Thanks Blu will do that

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