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beyond league tables - what else do i need to know??

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Fiolondon Wed 31-Aug-11 14:09:09

Ok so we are thinking of a move out of London and have a few places in mind. Our children are pre school but moving is so expensive we wouldn't want to do it in the future to move schools. So we need to pick somewhere now that will be good for primary and secondary.....

I went to a large comp (2000 on role) school with lots of kids on free meals and as a result most of the kids in my class left at 16 - aspirations were fairly low! Although this inspired me to work hard to escape, it made for a rough 4 years until I could be fully streamed with more civilised/able pupils and life improved considerably. My husband & I both have under and post grad degrees, so academic performance is of interest to us. I'm aware it might not be of interest to our kids though but I'd hate to put them through the same as my experience so want to find nice schools which can support their choices and inspire them to do well at whatever they choose.

Obviously I can look at inspection reports and exam results, but that's not the whole story. What else do I need to know? What do I need to ask? What sources of information are out there? What helped you? What things do I need to know about beyond the school - the local community?

Thanks in anticipation!

Talker2010 Wed 31-Aug-11 15:29:07

Drive by just after start time ... how many are turning in late ... and who is out there checking the late-comers

Drive by at the end of the day ... how many staff are on the gate ... what seems to be the interaction between staff and students

These would be my indicators for Secondary

However, 10 years is a looooooong time in education ... a school could be great now and take a massive downturn or, indeed, vice versa

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