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Circle of Protection (or similar) following Social Services Involvement

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oliandjoesmum Mon 11-Jul-11 10:21:58

I was hoping a teacher may be able to help with a query I have relating to my middle DS, though I am guessing it in fact relates to all 3 now. Went in to school on Friday to discuss an unrelated matter regarding transfer to Year 3. I happened to mention that my husband and I are sepreated, the teacher replied along the lines of 'oh yes, when social services were involved in reception DS2 had a 'Circle of Protection' formed around him'. I was quite shocked to here this, was in a rush to pick up DS3 and get home for DS1s taxi so did not listen properly or ask questions. Have now been stewing on it all weekend, and as was unable to get the teacher this morning because was in a rush for work I thought I would ask on here. Firstly, think I probably didn't get the name right because cannot google it, but was 'Circle of' something I am sure. Secondly, why on earth didn't anyone tell me?? This event happened 3 years ago, I had my DH (ha!) arrested for threatening to kill me in front of my eldest son who is autistic. Social services became involved, and domentic abuse too. Thirdly, I am assuming all my children were included, would the youngest's childminder have been contacted? What is the implication for all 3 of them?
Sorry, a bit of a ramble, just feel a bit upset that all of these people obviously know very personal stuff about me and my children, but I was not aware of this. Know it is a good thing that schools protect children involved in domestic abuse allegations, just feeling a bit vulnerable about the whole thing. Any help much appreciated....

headingsouth Mon 11-Jul-11 12:39:48

I assume you are in England? If so only formal process would have been the calling of a child protection conference in relation to the children but you would have been informed and invited to attend if that had happened. More likely the social services team just contacted the school to find out if there were any other concerns at that time.
I would ask to see your child's school/social services file if you want to confirm exactly what was recorded at that time.

nickschick Mon 11-Jul-11 12:41:50

It cant have been that much of a 'thing' if you werent informed - probably just keeping school up to par with potential problems at home.

barbiegrows Wed 13-Jul-11 15:32:13

You need to ask the teacher. It could mean a lot of different things.

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