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discipline in schools

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chubbystuff Sun 10-Jul-11 13:49:02

aibu my 2 ds came home from infant school and told me that children had to say in assembly why they were in the naughty line at the front of the hall and after they had finished saying what they had done the headteacher told the rest of the school they had to say "shame on you" to the naughty children. I informed 2 of the childrens parents concerned what my children had said and they did not know anything about this but both spoke to their respective children that night the statement was identical and both children concerned had not told their parents because they were embarrassed .One parent complained about her sons treatment and was told by the head this was the schools new disciplinary code and she would continue to do this. (he also had to miss 2 breaks and write lines during dinner time). My dh and myself wrote to the school and asked for our children to be removed form this part of assembly as we did not want our children taking part and the other parent wrote to the governors asking if this punishment is acceptable. The other parent has now had a response from the governors stating they have spoken to the staff and this incident did not happen but talking to other parents who have asked their children about it match the same story. Sorry to go on a bit but I feel really annoyed that schools can be so underhanded in how they treat out dc and make them out to be liars, what do other parents think????

ontheroadagain Sun 10-Jul-11 21:32:36

Schools are very underhanded in the way they treat parents and children. They have probably realised that they should never have treated the children like this but rather than say sorry it will never happen agian they make the children out to be lairs. This just gives the children the impression it is alright to tell lies to get out of trouble. We had a similar thing with my son when he was in an RE lesson he was told to take off his socks and shoes and the muslim children were going to show them how they pray to there god.We are a catholic family and he didnt want to do it. When I complained to school they said the children were given a choice but talking to other parents and their children they said they werent. The school just made out the children were lying.

imadgeine Sun 10-Jul-11 21:35:24

I think this disciplinary code sounds inappropriate. Public humiliation is not a recognised disciplinary method. Have you asked for a copy of the governors disciplinary policy and procedures?
If parents have already tackled the governors and they have backed the head, the only place to go is the local authority. Write to the head of children's services (find out their name and local title) and copy the letter to your local councillors. If the letter is from a number of parents it will have more impact. Include copies of previous correspondence.

BusterGut Sun 10-Jul-11 21:35:46

Good to see that acceptance of other faiths is alive and well. hmm

ontheroadagain Sun 10-Jul-11 21:39:23

We accept there faith but dont want to join in.

chubbystuff Sun 10-Jul-11 22:49:18

thanks guys have asked the school for a copy of a home/ school contract which sets out the standards that they expect the children and the parents to follow they make all children/parents sign this (even my 4yr old) but I have yet to recieve a copy of this a week later and asking 3 different members of staff. The school governors defend the head to the hilt and most of the teaching staff are nqts, the head joined the school after we enrolled our children and she has some very crazy ideas and has made my ds1 school life hell in the first 2 yrs we have lived down the school over very petty incidents like my son took a chair to the carpet to sit on and did not sit on the carpet straight away but did so when was asked following more incidents like this they tried to make him see county psychologist which we refused as we were told the head wanted more money in her budget and this was 1 way of doing so, she backed off us when she found out we were not playing her game and targeted another child in the school.

imadgeine Mon 11-Jul-11 17:54:33

She does sound a wee bit strange. Inexperienced and insecure for starters. We had a secondary head in our borough who was OTT and did all kinds of weird things. Was eventually suspended and no longer in post but school is still recovering 3 yrs later - still only just "satisfactory" . Heads are appointed by governing body and sadly they often don't have a large field of people applying for the post. The only person who can suspend the head is the Chair of Governors! But the Local Authority do have quite a lot of power as long as the school is not a Trust or an Academy. All parent governors are backing the head are they?
The clerk to the governors should be able to provide you with copies of all school policies. GBs are supposed to have a mountain of them. We have about 4 lever arch files full... Doesnt mean they have them though.

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