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Advice on doing a f/t degree

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colette Wed 24-Sep-03 18:58:20

At age 39 and with a 4yr old dd and a 12 wk old ds I am sriously thinking of not going back to the p/t job in banking that I have really disliked for years. Instead I am considering studying dietetics- we haven't worked out how we may manage financially or childcarewise yet though! I am really just considering the possibility but it does feel good to think I may end up doing a job I would really enjoy.
Has anyone any advice about balancing life or financial tips re. studying f/time. Also I'd like to hear of any similar educational ventures- did you think it was worth it ?

marypoppins Wed 24-Sep-03 20:17:12

I think you'll set an excellent example to your children by studying for a job you may really enjoy. I'm in a similar position at the moment because I am planning to do an MA against my dh's wishes! My mum breastfed me in lectures, perhaps that's why I'm a keen student myself now...

Let us know how you get on.

colette Wed 24-Sep-03 20:34:23

Thanks Mp
I don't know if I'll be able to financialy but I am trying to find out as much as poss so that we can try and budget(both time and money)

Zoe Thu 25-Sep-03 13:29:43

I've just started a PGCE, which I get a Govt bursary for - that just about covers full time nursery costs for my ds. Because of my dh's salary, I get a means tested student loan of £3000. Apart from that, you get 25% reduction in your council tax, but Working Family Tax Credit count you as not working, so there's little help there.

HTH, just my experience

colette Thu 25-Sep-03 14:08:02

Thanks zoe
I am having 2nd thoughts(re. not seeing much off kids)but am trying to gather as much info as poss. Good Luck

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