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British Dyslexia Assoc. approved courses - which did you do?

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ImNotThere Thu 14-Apr-11 12:43:18

I would be grateful for any input from anyone who has taken a BDA approved course in order to become an Associate Member of the British Dyslexia Association.

I'm trying to decide between the OU course (E08) and the course run by Dyslexia Action.

The OU course takes one year and after doing it you can apply for AMBDA with QTS and 2 years relevant teaching experience (I taught for 4 years in a secondary girls' comprehensive, so assume this would be enough).

Has anyone taken this course? It is much less expensive than the Dyslexia Action course, which is split into two years - a Certificate and then a Diploma in Dyslexia and Literacy. I suspect that is because the OU course isn't as good.

Any experience?

goingmadinthecountry Thu 14-Apr-11 23:38:18

Have only experience of DA cert course - can't help with OU I'm afraid. I mainly did it to support my ds to be honest, but it has really changed the way I view reading and writing in the early years. I do some tutoring.

It was OK but it was my first experience of distance learning - I missed having others to discuss work/tutors with. I learnt a whole lot though. The course has changed hugely since I did it.

camptownraces Sat 16-Apr-11 22:53:04

The DA course parallels the OCR course, level 5 cert and level 7 diploma, which is available from various centres face to face. (could be cheaper, I don't know). You can probably find where by googling, though I know Northampton university offers it. You'll need to do the diploma if you are serious about doing assessments.

Check with PATOSS whether OU E08 would get you full membership of PATOSS.

Would you prefer distance learning to attendance?

ImNotThere Sun 17-Apr-11 20:31:37

Thanks for the advice. I didn't realise the diploma could be taken face to face in different centres. Would prefer a very part-time face to face if near enough, otherwise distance learning would be fine. Will have another look...

Thanks again!

NappyShedSal Sun 17-Apr-11 22:38:56

I'm doing a very part time course at Oxford Brookes this year which will give me the AMBDA qualification if I choose to do the extra case studies etc. one evening per week six times per term, plus one full day per term, for a year.

ImNotThere Mon 18-Apr-11 11:19:20

Sal, thanks - sounds perfect. Any chance you could let me know what the course is called? I looked on the Brookes website but couldn't seem to find what I was looking for.

Decisionsagain Thu 20-Feb-14 21:00:48

Hi there

I'm looking into the same thing. May I resurrect this thread please. I am looking for a long distance course diploma which would give me AMBDA recognition. Is an OCR7 better or a course via a University?

Many thanks.

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