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Which web site is best to study for 11+ exams???

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noraa Tue 12-Apr-11 21:30:05

I would like to know which web site would be the best one to study/practise for the 11+ exams.
Advices will be really appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

breadandbutterfly Tue 12-Apr-11 22:12:41

chukra - they have lots of free materials. I recommend the VR videos - very helpful.

Personally, I'd buy some papers and photocopy - you can sell them on ebay again after the exam. The tests will be done on paper so your dc wants to get used to that.

noraa Tue 12-Apr-11 22:20:53

On the internet I saw chukra, I don't know if it has anything to do with 11plus website, I am not sure.
Also I saw elevenplusexams, ksol.
I don't know which one to choose.
It is very hard to enter all and see how it goes.
We tried 11plus a bit, but would like to hear about other websites, before choosing the one for us.

noraa Tue 12-Apr-11 22:23:30

I would like to choose one as soon as possible and go on with it, I don't want to waste time any more, I think we will need to study quite a lot, my dc not so bright.

GiddyPickle Wed 13-Apr-11 09:25:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

noraa Wed 13-Apr-11 11:37:19

Thank you very much for your advices GiddyPickle.
We will have a go for the exam trying to use the time we have left without pushing too hard.
Its only one time opportunity, and I don't want to regret in future why we didn't try it.
I have checked before and they will do non-verbal and verbal reasoning exams as well as maths and English.

coccyx Wed 13-Apr-11 12:05:38

Good luck, can be a slog even for the more academic children

breadandbutterfly Wed 13-Apr-11 12:13:50

Agree that I wouldn't push a not so bright child - it may not be right for them. Though work to improve maths and vocab is never going to be wasted as such!

chukra links to the 11 + website - can't remember what its called. You can do more than one site, as chukra is free.

rac321 Wed 13-Apr-11 14:30:51

My sister's son struggles with maths and is taking the 11+ next year. My sister has signed up with a site called They are offering an 11+ course. Anyway, she has been really happy with the tuition, and she is only paying about £6 an hour! I don't think they do the verbal and non verbal reasoning though. I have another friend who found the Bond series of books to be very useful with the 11+.
Good luck - I hope it goes well for you!

noraa Wed 13-Apr-11 21:17:35

Thank you all
rac321, i have searched last night on the internet a lot, some say Bond are good at the beginning, they go for more difficult ones later on. I will check the site you mentioned, thank you.
breadandbutterfly, we have done some study on 11+, but in the VR part I couldn't find much explanation, the other parts were good.
as far as I understand, all sites they have differences and we will choose what suits us, we will use what we can.

mebaasmum Thu 14-Apr-11 14:18:53

We used KSOL for a bit. It is very geared towards the Birmingham exams.
We found the maths to be ridiculoiusly hard, The English very easy. The VR and NVR useful but covered some things that werent needed and other things that were needed werent covered. My some did NFER papers. he did quite like KSOL though
I found the weekly tutor feedback a pain. Just a list of excercises that hadnt been completed!!

noraa Thu 14-Apr-11 21:15:09

Thats what i guessed about ksol mebaasmum, you are right.
The thing that i found is i have to choose what suits us, so i have to throughly check the sites myself.
All the advices here really helped me.
Thanks again.

Bobby1978 Fri 24-Feb-12 17:36:09

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

HouseRules Wed 05-Sep-12 23:07:08

any further tips for good private school verbal and non verbal exam papers

Ariadne78 Thu 06-Sep-12 09:21:59

You can't go too far wrong using Bond practice materials for 11+ prep, though it is always sensible to check with the admissions person for the particular school and ask which provider's practice papers are closest to that school's entrance exam. I have found them to be very helpful (in our case they've suggested Bond).

BeingFluffy Thu 06-Sep-12 10:13:19

It was a few years ago but I found the elevenplusexams website forums very good and they have very accurate information about what to expect for tests in your local area and an online shop to buy relevant material; papers, CDroms etc.

I think Chuckra is a good free resource from what I can see and they are associated with another 11 plus exams site where you can buy materials and even book practice tests (for a price of course).

I would research your area first (on elevenplusexams), check out the free resources on Chuckra, and then decide which materials are the most suitable to buy if necessary for your area and your child.

Howe70 Fri 29-Sep-17 15:28:11

in the last week
Hi, it's very hard to find somewhere for your child that you trust and will develop them, it's just as hard finding a review to trust. I'm sure there are plenty of people who can recommend Ksol to you, and if it works for you then that's great, but I would recommend looking at other places as well before going with Ksol.

As I'm only giving them one star you're probably wanting to know why? Our son took the entry exam and didn't do very well, it doesn't matter why, but we were surprised as he's in the top group for English and Maths at school. At £150/month I would have expected them to discuss his result with us and get a bigger picture of the child, they could have easily discussed his abilities with a tutor he's been seeing. That tutor has encouraged us to put him up for the 11 plus and was as surprised as us by his result. It's also worth pointing out that the tutor in question is a retired headmaster and has given us realistic feedback for the last two years.

So what was Ksol's response? "It is not recommended to pursue the 11 + route at this time". He's 9 years old and had taken one test! He was enrolled in Ksol to develop him and they dumped him. They recommended he pursue on line Ksol tutoring and not come to the classes. So we took him to Smart 11+ also based in Solihull. He took their assessment and got 82% and is now enrolled with them. They also took the time to discuss our child with them and see where we can improve, excellent.

We also went to Ksol to explain how poorly they had done. All the items in this review were explained to them and I also pointed out I would be leaving reviews where I could so other parents are warned to look at all options before choosing Ksol.

So, best of luck with your child's education, I hope you find somewhere supportive and helpful to develop them.

WombatChocolate Sat 30-Sep-17 18:45:37

Bofa is good for computer based vr and NVR.
Bond is good for vr and NVR.

bellabelly Sat 30-Sep-17 18:55:36

Do find out which company sets the exam in your area and then look at their website for materials. For example, this year GL set the 11+ paper here in Kent (Kent test) and on the GL website there's a free practice paper for each subject which is handy.

My boys liked the elevenplusswot online tests. Good idea to do paper tests nearer the exam to get them used to how it will be in the actual test.

KSOL11plus Thu 12-Oct-17 11:26:44

Dear S. Howe

I am sorry to hear that you feel your experience at KSOL hasn’t matched that of the many other families who have chosen us to support them through the 11plus process.

At KSOL we pride ourselves on putting the needs of the child first and take great care to consider each child’s circumstances on a tailored and individual basis. Having over 11 years of experience in preparing children for both the 11plus entrance exam and for secondary education, we understand what a challenge this particular educational route can be and we ensure that both parents and children are fully aware of the task ahead before embarking on their journey with us.

With this in mind, we have a strong duty of care towards every child and an ethical policy to give parents clear and honest recommendations to help make informed decisions about their child’s education.

At the beginning of their Masterclass programme, each child sits an initial assessment which provides us with a clear indication of how we can help them reach their full potential. The recommendations following this are given to every parent, each providing the most effective route for their child and always with the child’s best interest at heart. However, they are just that, recommendations. We would not turn any child away but offer alternative study options that would better suit their needs at that time.

Our role is to support and advise parents of the best route for their child and it is one that we take very seriously. We understand that after speaking to our experienced tutors, our suggestion of reviewing your child’s progress over a period of time or using a different mode of study did not meet your personal expectation.

We respect your decision and as a gesture of goodwill we have offered you a full refund of your payment.

We will take on board any feedback you have provided with regards to our service and we wish your child every success in the future.

KSOL team

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