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neilatkin Sat 01-Jan-11 11:30:10

My children flourished at primary school with some awesome teaching and learning. Secondary school became all exam and results based and although they are being successful it is like watching a flower grow, the bud starts opening and then withers as the joy has gone.
I am an educational consultant and hate the current system that perfectly prepares the successes for a world that no longer exists and casts off the rest as failures who feel rubbish about themselves.
If you feel that we need change please look at the petition here, sign it and ask your friends to.
The aim is to get 100000 and start a parliamentary debate.

Jellykat Sat 01-Jan-11 21:41:45

I have signed as my DS2 has steadily become so unenthused in the last 1.5 yrs of secondary school.The majority of his teachers seem bored and do not engage their pupils..My son has already given up it seems,in some subjects-French for instance,he initially loved it, but when he lost the thread,and told the teacher,she simply replied that she was too busy to help him-The senco and i had to take him out of the French lessons!..yet at Primary (he is Dyspraxic)he was so keen to learn,and thrived-this they encouraged!

My 16 yr old nephew was actually refused even a try at his gcses because it would mean a lower rating in the schools 'pass results' if he and pupils like him failed!!!This has taken away all his confidence as he wanted a chance to try at least!

The money request was a bit scary on this petition..I didn't donate!!!

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