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Papplewick, St John's Beaumont, Caldicott, others?

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jennyee Mon 19-Jul-10 22:41:24

We're moving to the area in 2 years' time and have started looking for schools for DS. The schools we are considering at the moment are Papplewick, St John's Beaumont(we're not Catholic though) and Caldicott. Does anyone have a child in any of these schools or know anything at all about them? Also, if there are any other schools nearby that you'd like to recommend, please do! We prefer single sex, but are also open to co-ed suggestions.
Thank you in advance

IveNowGotCleanCarpets Tue 20-Jul-10 19:58:43

I admit to name changing for this one! Papplewick & Caldicott both compulsory for older years, St John's is not. Lots of families at St John's are not Catholic, it's a very rugby focused school at the moment but things are changing.

IveNowGotCleanCarpets Tue 20-Jul-10 20:19:18

Arghh....meant to say "compulsory boarding (I think)"

Rocky12 Wed 21-Jul-10 10:36:30

Yes, Caldicott is compulsory boarding for final 2 years (age 11-13)- no exceptions. Caldicott prepare boys for the big private boarding schools, Harrow, Eton, Charterhouse etc. Caldicott is fab. Had two boys there, cannot recommend highly enough but please dont think if you live around the corner you dont have to board.

Vast majority of boys like weekly boarding with their friends that they have grown up with over the years. The school has been the making of my boys. Would suggest a tour around the school with two final year pupils to see if you like it.

thinkingaboutschools Fri 22-Oct-10 20:35:30

Jennyee - I would be interested in your view of Caldicott. We went to see it a few weeks ago,

Rocky12 Sun 24-Oct-10 17:17:01

Thinkingabout schools - I would be very interested in your feedback. I have boys at the school so am somewhat biased but would be keen on your impressions!

MmeOrangeBlackandBlueberry Sun 24-Oct-10 17:22:53

If you have boys, then you need to be thinking about senior schools too. There is a real dearth of senior schools for boys in the area.

You don't have to be Catholic for St John's.

If you are interested in co-ed, Bishopsgate is the main prep school in the area, and it has a good reputation.

Most of the prep schools in that part of Surrey/Berkshire are boarding only, or dominant in boarding, so you would need to think about how you feel about this.

thinkingaboutschools Sun 24-Oct-10 19:10:52

Rocky 12 - we were very impressed. The head was very approachable, realistic and clearly dedicated to the school. The boys who took us around were confident, loved the school and were a ringing endorsement for it. Caldicott seemed head and shoulders above some of the others we have seen.

Rocky12 Wed 27-Oct-10 20:51:40

Great news. The head is known as one of the best headmasters around, day in day out he is at the front of the school greeting parents and making sure the boys get across the car park safely.

I suppose the danger is that he leaves, he was an old head of dept at Eton, there are always rumours that he will go to one of the big senior schools and it will be a great loss to the school. He knows all the senior schools, knows how to get your sons in and seems to work some sort of magic. Dont be mislead, this is a man who wont be moved if he doesnt think something is right for your son. I cannot speak highly enough of the school but be prepared for the big fees in the coming years, I often dream about what I could do with the money! If you are going to do it could I suggest that you your son goes as early as possible (from 7 years). I have seen some parents move their children in at 11. The experience isnt the same at all IMHO. The magic is in the boys moving through the school as day pupils and 4 years later with all their friends start boarding.

Tearaway Fri 28-Sep-12 12:34:24

Our son is at Papplewick and I couldn't rate it highly enough. The boys seem so happy. Even though the days are long, he skips out at the end, bright-eyed and full of enthusiasm. It's an exceptionally warm and welcoming place for children and parents. Interestingly, before enrolling DS, I had the impression it excelled in academics and sport (it does). Now I'm there I can see the quality of the artwork (amazing - I have seen this standard occasionally but not a whole class achieving at this level). Other parents have commented that it is well known for its musical prowess. In short, it appears to me that it covers all bases brilliantly.

I have a friend with two boys at Caldicott and they love it too. From how she describes it, it sounds like it holds very similar values to Papplewick.

Another one that I have heard great things about is Lambrook (co-ed)

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