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is it worth selling used clothes?

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bumpybecky Tue 25-May-10 18:06:18

I've got a huge pile of maternity clothes I want rid of. I thought I'd put them on eBay, but looking at the listings there today most of the used maternity stuff seems to be selling very cheaply. Odd auctions go for reasonable amounts, but I'm not sure I can work out what maes them more popular confused

I'm not sure I want the hassle if it's going to end up costing me as much in fees as it the auction takes. Has anyone had any sucess selling used maternity clothing?

bacon Tue 25-May-10 19:09:44

Your right. Labels such as Next go cheap as they are so many of them. I had an Isabella Oliver dress that I bought secondhand on e-bay and sold it back for £35 so that is an example of great buying and selling.

You have to do the selling on one day, get all items ready, use one template and upload the photos. Buy postage bags.

I question whether I have made much money. The time I have spent messing when I should be doing my chores. Packaging up posting and then worrying about feedback. See my post below this one to see what a nightmare I and others are having with these DSRs.

You end up selling stuff for 99p and then the commission has to come out of it - if this is happening then its not worth it. Its upsetting when you only get one bid - I've seen expensive clothes going for next to nothing. I agree that its a buyers market.

If you can get hold of a manikin and get great photos that helps and as much info as possible on the condition.

Dont do free postage as you'll pay more commission.

I really dont know whether its worth it. I was savy when I was pregnant I bought most of my clothing 2nd hand then resold it back so I did make a few pounds.

On the listing heading use words like cool, summer, trendy, fashionable, Workwear, casual, evening wear.

What have you got and sizes?

bumpybecky Tue 25-May-10 19:38:52

I've not looked closely, so can't remember details, but none of it was designer. Some tents dresses, a couple of skirts and several trousers, which will be 16-18ish and longer length legs

I might list it in two bundles, one dresses / skirts and one trousers and see if I get anywhere. I'm not sure I want to take the risk listing them all individualy, as the fees will be more.

I'll have to think about keywords, I wouldn't call any of it trendy or fashionable!

Tidey Tue 25-May-10 19:44:43

I sold a bundle of three pairs of maternity trousers from Next and Mothercare last year, I think they went for about £8, not very much but better than nothing. If they're just going to sit in a cupboard otherwise, is it not worth getting at least something for them?

bacon Tue 25-May-10 19:47:15

Mine were 16-18 and sold well. I was standard length, with the longer length you have a smaller audience. So assume you will only get 1 bid.

Bundles are good as it saves on postage.

oh, and make sure the items are seasonal. I would hold back on wooly winter items and aim for buyers who want to wear them now.

bumpybecky Tue 25-May-10 20:09:30

I'm selling now as the dresses are summery and I left it too late last year!

glad to hear you got a reasonable amount for the bundle you listed Tidey. I'd be happy with £8 for 3 trousers, it's enough to make it worthwhile

stressheaderic Wed 26-May-10 13:27:08

When I was looking for maternity wear on eBay last year, I found that things were selling well and I picked up a few great items that I was satisfied with the price of.
Usually, these kind of items are only worn for a few months at most so they have lots of life left in them. I noticed that jeans didn't fetch a very good price, or sell at all, as there were just so many of them, but unusual and dressy tops did (pregnant women begrudge paying full price to wear an evening item once or twice) and so did staple basics like long-sleeved tshirts and cardigans. Next stuff washes well and keeps its shape so it seems to sell well on ebay.

I was going to bung all my maternity clothes on ebay, I'm on leave now so got time to sort it, list it and post it, but 1) its mainly winter gear so I think I'll wait til autumn and 2) DP might just let me have another baby with a bit of convincing!

Tryharder Sat 29-May-10 06:44:16

I think bundles of maternity clothes sell well and sold a small bundle of maternity clothes last year for about £27 (nothing special - H&M and Next). Ebay is hit and miss though - you can list something really nice and it either not sell or you get one bid and then something not half as nice will go through the roof. If you really can't be bothered, how about a second hand baby shop or a small ad?

sandk Sat 29-May-10 07:22:36

I often list using only the "Buy it now" option. I choose the price based on what similar auctions have completed for, combined with what would make it worthwhile for me to bother. I've found that if the price is set right and is reasonable, then it's rare that things haven't sold. They can be listed for upto 30 days which is a bonus. You pay a bit more in fees, but there's not a lot in it, particularly if bundling up items (which I also do as I hate the faff of sending out lots of individual items). I also like BIN as a buyer, it's a bit more immediate.

MrsKitty Sat 29-May-10 07:33:28

I've just sold a load of maternity clothes on Ebay (prob around 20 items). I listed them all individually and made around £130 before fees, which I was pleased with.

It was all size 18-20+ which I think probably sells for a bit more as there's so little decent plus size stuff around. Most of it was H&M /DP / Next

My most favourite dress only went for 99p which was a bit sad, but I guess that's the chance you take.

Wiggletastic Sat 29-May-10 07:33:49

I sold all my maternity clothes on ebay, individually, not in bundles, and got reasonable prices for all of them. It certainly beats leaving them lying in a cupboard and you are recycling too! I put the money I made towards buying some stuff for DD which made it all the more worthwile. I started everything at 99p so no listing fee and I reckon I got an average of £5 per item. Emphasise the hardly worn aspect and how things can be worn for many occasions etc. I think maternity wear is one of the things that does well on ebay as nobody wants to spend a fortune on clothes they will only wear for a few months. Good luck!

Mydesignerseller Thu 03-Nov-16 11:09:51

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