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If you return something to an ebay seller should they pay postage?

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Golda Sat 12-Sep-09 17:31:58

I bought some nappy wraps off ebay. They were listed as new and excellent condition. They are in bad condition and stained. The seller has agreed to refund but is saying they have only been washed once which is not true. They are stained and the labels are shreded and faded. Should she refund postage? I think she should but I would welcome an independent view.

ThePinkOne Sat 12-Sep-09 21:10:04

I think if the item is not as described you shouldn't be out of pocket at all. But your seller obviously has her own position on this. I have heard of something called an item not as described dispute recently - don't know anything about how it works! Apparently the ebay community forums are useful and people will be able to tell you the best course of action.

I've just had a similar situation but it was such a small value item that I couldn't be bothered to pursue it so I just lost out on the £2 return postage and got a refund.


Tinfoil Sat 12-Sep-09 23:58:41

Yes she should. You should not be out of pocket. Persuading her may be difficult though, as for some reason many eBayers only think they should refund the cost of the item.

SomeGuy Sun 13-Sep-09 01:03:38

They are required to refund the full price you paid, but do not have to cover the return cost.

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