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Anyone bought a car from ebay using the buyer protection scheme/ western union?

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allgonebellyup Tue 28-Jul-09 12:46:37

Am about to buy a mini that was listed on autotrader, but the seller wants me to pay for it using the ebay buyer protection scheme as she says its safe.

This involves me finding a western union office this pm and forwarding the money to an ebay rep, who wont release the money to the seller until i have received the car and am happy with it.

Does this sound ok?

lottiejenkins Wed 29-Jul-09 12:23:54

My friend sold a car for her then bf through WU and it went tits up leaving her thousands in debt!It does say in the ebay safety bit not to use western union for money transfers!!!

allgonebellyup Wed 29-Jul-09 17:22:32

i went to the nearest western union office, and they were really unhappy about the transaction, and didnt let me go through with it really.
i am glad!

lottiejenkins Wed 29-Jul-09 18:29:12

smile I am glad it has worked out for you! I wish it had for my friend! sad

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