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I have returned an item for refund and still not heard from seller but didn't send it back recorded ?

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Lilyloo Thu 30-Oct-08 12:37:33

I sent item back on Monday second class but didn't send it recorded.
Obv there is still chance it hasn't got to seller yet but now thinking i have been stupid not to send recorded.
Basically it was two pair of jeans both stained not mentioned in lisitng.
Seller said i could return (no apology).
Obv postage high so have lost quite a bit on that already.
I do have proof of postage would this be enough to claim back via paypal if seller doesn't refund ?
Will obv wait longer but just wondering.

sixlostmonkeys Thu 30-Oct-08 14:08:05

pop is not enough for paypal I'm afraid.
If seller claims to have not received them then I'm afraid there is nothing you can do.

Lilyloo Thu 30-Oct-08 16:46:19

Thanks slm oh dear have to hope seller refunds then !

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