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I'm trying to list a few things. I have to download a new picture hosting thing called Active X!

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saltire Fri 24-Oct-08 08:34:27

I am getting a window opening when I try to add photos telling me that I need to install
"Ebay enhanced picture control", and at the top is a blue bar saying to click here to install. When I click on it however, another popup appears saying "do you want to install Active X".
Now DH says Active X isn't really safe, but it seems to be the only way I'm going to get my pictures added is to install it. I've never had problems or had to install anything like this before

missjennipenni Fri 24-Oct-08 13:24:22

active x is safe, quite a lot of websites require you to have it. If you have a virus protector, you will be fine. Its a microsoft apllication.

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