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The glass light shade was delivered all smashed!!

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BlackEyedDog Sun 07-Sep-08 23:32:25

So it came from France, vintage glass and crochet affair, but the glass was in pieces.

I know it's hard with breakables and insurance BUT it was very feebly wrapped in paper, a couple of knobs of old polystyrene tossed in and the lot plonked in a thin cardboard box. No 'FRAGILE" or "HANDLE WITH CARE'. Rubbish insecure packaging IMVHO.

I have never left a negative and really wouldn't want to. Am not very pushy when it comes to this kind of thing really. But wonder what anyone else would do? Write it off (was too expensive for what it was tbh but the thing broken is just taking the pip) or asked for at least some of it to be refunded due to sellers slackness in wrapping?

misi Mon 08-Sep-08 00:05:11

firstly contact the seller and explain what has happened. I have read quite a few negative posts on there only for the seller to write that it was the first they knew of it. if no joy from them, do you then contact e bay, would be helpful if you took a photo of the box/packaging too and send that to the seller or e bay. then contact the insurance people after explaining that you have tried every other avenue of redress. not sure what eles, there is a european system similar to our small claims court but not sure what exactly, but try the seller and e bay first to see what they say

onelittlelion Mon 08-Sep-08 00:23:53

If you paid for postal insurance and the item is broken you need to inform the seller aqnd they can in theory claim off RM/courier and refund you. You may need to keep hold of packaging.

If they do not offer to refund you then you need to open an 'item not as described' dispute through paypal I think. Im not sure how many days after winning an item you can open one so mayb worth checking.

I think that's right anyway! My friend received a broken item and had to open a dispute and was eventually refunded through paypal.

makeminealargeoneplease Mon 08-Sep-08 10:52:45

I think you are entitled to money back. I sold an LCD tv not so long ago and i said local pick up on the advert only due to size. however, the buyer ordered a DHL courier for the next day between 9 - 5 so I went out that night to find a suitable box, spent an hour packing it up, waited in all day the next day for the courier. And it arrived smashed. I had to give them a refund because they said it was not packaged sufficiantly well. i was gutted.

BlackEyedDog Mon 08-Sep-08 14:01:23

oh ok. Many thanks for advice everyone. I will contact seller and ebay.

Sorry to hear that MMALOP (seems a bit unfair to me).

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