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For gods sake, non paying buyers

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miamisunrise Sun 31-Aug-08 10:18:17

I'm getting really sick of this now. A few weeks ago someone with 0 feedback bidding on my item (and won) with no intentions of paying for it. He only admitted this however a week and half after the bidding had ended during the dispute console.

Now I sold 5 items of clothing yesterday, biddings all ended around 11am and only one person has paid angry

So the other 4 items (two are the same bidder, again with 0 feedback) are left not being paid for. I know they have 7 days but most people pay straight away don't they? or at least within the same day.

I've just sent invoices off. What is it with ebay lately? the whole thing seems like a waste of bloody time.

FlightAttendent Sun 31-Aug-08 10:21:13

Yes, you are correct - waste of time!

Sorry you're going through this too - it's totally shit for sellers. Easy peasy for buyers - they can just bid, not pay, muck you about.

Fees going up too. I have about had it with the whole thing sad

3andnomore Sun 31-Aug-08 10:25:56

That is awful for you! is weekend...and there might be a reason for non payment just yet....maybe they gone away or, there is still hope yet!

makeminealargeoneplease Sun 31-Aug-08 10:28:55

another reason to go for this idea instead of Fleabay

Peachy Sun 31-Aug-08 10:31:06

a weekend is ok- we dont panic on our shop until after 7, using that as a guideline only one npb in @ 1000 transactions

some people dont have pc access at weekends (eg those who ebay from work)

Curlylox Sun 31-Aug-08 10:38:12

Unfortunately there are always a few that make things difficult. I buy quite a bit on Ebay and make it a point to pay within 48 hours. But with the boot on the other foot, I have come across a a couple of unscrupulous sellers too.

missjennipenni Sun 31-Aug-08 11:33:57

Maybe they have posted a cheque or postal order? Or are waiting for funds themselves, before paying you?

3andnomore Wed 03-Sep-08 16:42:17

Have those buyers paid by now....? Just wondering!

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