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bid assistant

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2boys2 Fri 15-Aug-08 20:22:01

i used this new bid assistant to create a group of identical items i wanted to bid on. I didnt win the first item in the group and so it automatically started to bid on the second item. In the mean time i found a third item and following the instructions (or so i thought) i added it to this group as well.

However it would seem that it hasnt added it to this group so that i only bid on one item. I am now bidding on 2 items and i only want one - and i have now won one too!!!

once a group is set up can it not be added to?? any ideas what i can do about my other item i am bidding on and dont want?

MsPontipine Fri 15-Aug-08 23:29:50

Are they from the same seller? If it were me I would explain and ask the seller to remove your bid.

Different sellers - would do the same - as a seller yes it's a bit annoying but I'm not going to try and force someone to have something they don't want.

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