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Paypal is a pain in the arse - how many of you ahve been ripped off???

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nik76 Thu 24-Jul-08 09:07:38

I sold an item and the buyer has claimed the money back for non reciept. Not only that but I couldn't put my account back to zero via the site so they passed me onto a debt collection company - mind you not surpise they probably counldn't cope with my debt of £13.10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tullytwo Thu 24-Jul-08 09:34:57

Paypal is notoriously crap it seems - I have had similar situation as you - buyer got item and then money was taken back out of my account.

When I rang paypal told me that they pay me and then a few days later (by which time you will have sent the item) they try to claim the money from the buyers bank. In my case the bank rejected it and so they took the money from my account - not his which I dont fully understand.

Luckily it was a genuine mistake and was sorted eventually but I was terrified - it was nearly £70!

If you do a search on any ebay threads I am sure you will find other sympathisers.

I dont really think I will be selling any more through ebay because you have no protection as a seller anymore on there or with paypal - its a shame.

nik76 Sat 26-Jul-08 07:06:22

It just seesm to have got worse and worse the more popular it has got - I've been using for 6 years and its defo the worst its ever been.

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