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Urgent help needed from experienced Ebayers

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Fontella Wed 03-Jul-19 09:34:30

I've sold a few bits and bobs on Ebay without problems (must have been lucky!) but I've got my first return and not sure how to handle it.

I sold a pair of sought after Vintage Brand Sandals. Well worn, made clear in the description how old they were, reasons for selling, took lots of pics, close ups etc.

They were a bit tatty so decided to polish them up before sending and noticed that the wear on the left and right sandal were noticeably different on the inner sole. Hard to explain but inner heel on one was more worn down than the other and the instep part on one was much less worn than on the other. I simply hadn't realised and if I hadn't decided to polish them up I honestly wouldn't have noticed. I realised this would likely make them uncomfortable for someone with a different foot shape/gait.

I contacted the buyer and explained this issue, suggested I didn't send them and offered an immediate refund so she could maybe shop for some that were less worn.

She assured me she 'wasn't fussed' and told me to send them so I did. Now she's got in touch highlight the very issues I pointed out in my correspondence with her and also saying 'if I'm being slightly picky the colour is not what I expected from the pics'. I've explained that is because I've polished them using a slightly darker polish (oxblood) and it will buff/fade off, however if she'd like to post them back I'm happy to refund. .

But I'm reading the Ebay forums, and everyone is saying don't just refund yourself unofficially but tell her to raise a case and do it through eBay, for your own protection.

Can anyone explain what I need to do/say to this buyer? She hasn't yet replied to my response message to her, but no doubt I'll hear something today.

Many thanks

Fontella Wed 03-Jul-19 09:35:31

OMG - bloody auto-correct - EBAYERS not OBEYERS!!!

Can Mumsnet correct the thread title please.??

sacope Wed 03-Jul-19 10:10:28

Just tell her to open a case. That's all.

chloesmumtoo Wed 03-Jul-19 11:07:23

1)Normally she will need to request a return from her purchase history page via ebay and then you should be taken through the correct steps to follow. Sorry, I only did a return once a long while ago. If the shoes are the wrong colour now and worn I would just accept her return as she can use that as a not as described case. Of course you can also offer a partial refund (reduction) and see if she would like them for a cheaper price. You should be given options to follow. I know its annoying as you warned her on the wear issue but I bet the change in colour alone is enough for 'item not as described' You will be expected to pay return costs in that case though.
2)If she doesnt request a return herself, I'd be tempted to refund her complete PayPal transaction and tell her to keep the shoes. You probably won't sell them due to wear issue and then won't have return postage costs. You'd still pay the ebay fees though I believe but may want others opinion on this. In this case you would go to your sold items. Then in more actions drop down menu and select view paypal transaction. Then refund.
But option 1 is correct proceedure
See link below

JoMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 03-Jul-19 11:13:12


OMG - bloody auto-correct - EBAYERS not OBEYERS!!!

Can Mumsnet correct the thread title please.??

All sorted smile

Fontella Wed 03-Jul-19 12:27:35

Thank you!

And thanks to all those who've replied.

Turns out she's a really nice lady, and we've messaged back and forth this morning and she's going to open up a case.

I do want the sandals back because they are vintage Doc Martens and have four branded buckles on them which you can't get anywhere - I know, because I've tried in the past.. I have another pair of of DM shoes and had to get buckles replaced with unbranded ones when one of them broke, so at least now I can make one 'whole' pair of shoes with the correct buckles and a couple of spares.

Lesson learned with this sale. Should have checked the sandals over more carefully before selling, and if you are going to polish anything, do it BEFORE you take pics and not after!

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