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What do I do if my stuff dosen't turn up? I paid for it Two weeks ago

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Bananaknickers Sun 08-Jul-07 14:38:42

My ds1 brought a game for the dslite. I have emailed them asking for proof of postage and they have said they posted on 27th June,if it dosen't turn up email again. I have emailed again and I have had nothing back.
Now looking at there feedback,it's not the first time they have done it,they are either slow to post or people are not getting the items.How long do I have to wait? I paid through paypal.
My son brought this from his birthday money and it makes me

Bananaknickers Sun 08-Jul-07 14:40:01

This person is a power seller. When i looked at his feedback before buying it only showed a couple of items. Why do ebay let people do this to others?

bubblerock Sun 08-Jul-07 14:42:17

Email again threatening to open a dispute if it isn't recieved by Wednesday.

sixlostmonkeys Sun 08-Jul-07 15:43:29

just open a dispute - this will get them moving
It's what the dispute console is for.
Once they sort it out the dispute will be closed

sarahlou1uk Sun 08-Jul-07 15:59:03

Agree with sixlostmonkeys - open a dispute and let paypal sort it out. If you haven't heard from them 2 days after opening it, escalate it to a claim. If they can't provide a tracking number, paypal will more than likely give you a full refund.

Bananaknickers Sun 08-Jul-07 20:59:25

Do you go to paypal for the dispute then, or is it on ebay?

sixlostmonkeys Sun 08-Jul-07 21:26:20

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