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How to remove pay by Paypal from listing?

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JinglingHellsBells Fri 22-Feb-19 10:22:04

I want to accept cash only on some furniture. Ebay is not allowing me to list unless I tick the Paypal option, even though I chose 'other methods of payment' as cash on collection.

I don't want someone paying by Paypal then collecting and trying to say they didn't receive the item.

How do I get round this?

strawberrylollipop Fri 22-Feb-19 10:24:08

I don't think you can.

You can email the seller and say pay by cash only - or put it on the listing.
You can always refund the PayPal payment if they do pay by PayPal and advise cash on collection once it has sold.

SpringForEver Mon 25-Feb-19 03:00:45

You can't remove PayPal.

However you are not obliged to accept it for collection only items.

I put it in the title 'cash on collection' and also at the top of the listing and select the collection option. I also put 'no couriers, collection in person only'. Then I am covered by my terms if someone ignores it and can sort it out with Ebay if necessary.

Ellie56 Wed 24-Apr-19 00:14:55

No you can't get round Paypal, but I always put in bold at the bottom of collection only listings, "Buyer to pay cash on collection please." I never have any problems.

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